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Farm Update! Traditional Band Weaving + Old Farm Weaving MAL

Greetings from the farm,

This past weekend, I decided to warp a short sampling to keep my muscle memory going for this, more complex, traditional band weaving technique, and last night I cut it off the loom.

I am working towards a very exciting, advanced weaving project.

Forgive that horrible yellow lighting from my studio. :/

(Intermediate/advanced weavers - this technique - if you know, you know :)

This reminded me to share a traditional band weaving and weaving update!

Advanced Weaving Wool - Intermediate/Advanced Weavers

For those of you that have purchased your advanced weaving wool, all but one colour has arrived on the farm. They are finishing up the milling of the final colour.

I do not know why they sent the other nine colours in advance?

However, I will not be shipping any of the wool, until all of the colours have arrived and all parcels are packed. I will ship them all on the same day.

In this way, everyone will have the same opportunity to have facilitation to transition properly into the warping and weaving with this advanced wool.

I am facilitating the transition freely, with a very special weaving draft.

Det er bare å glede seg!!!!

We are moving into the perfect time of year for band weaving, in my opinion - so I am looking on the bright side that all of this is coming together - right on time! :)

If you are still considering whether to move forward with your journey into the intermediate/advanced weaving, this will be your final opportunity.

I will be unable to go back to support settling anyone in, organising access to the weaving wool, once we get started.

Intermediate Weaving Wool - Beginning/Intermedate Weavers

For those of you within this stage of the weaving, we are in a holding pattern.

I know it feels like we are sitting on the runway, for hours, waiting to take off.

My hands are tied.

Some of the heritage, intermediate weaving wool is currently being milled, but not all of it.

And by all of it, I mean, some of the traditional colours that we need.

I have been told spring - but no guarantee or dates.

I have no additional information.

Although we begin the course, continuing to use, to develop and to perfect our skills using the traditional gammelserie weaving wool, we must have the possiblity and the assurance

that we can transition into the intermedate weaving wools.

Learning to combine the two, introducing linen etc.

Many of the traditional band weaving drafts going forward within this weaving phase, require gammelserie wool, heritage wool and linen - all at once.

I cannot begin a course, then keep the course going for months on end, waiting for the proper weaving wool.

This simply is not sustainable for me.

My weaving courses already go on much longer than any traditional band weaving courses on the market today, at a third of the price. This is how passionate I am about traditional band weaving!

That is, if you can even find an affordable course offering, beyone one that is offered only on a Saturday and Sunday.

Here in Norway, these weekend courses simply baffel the mind and are unheard of.


Tips for how to keep your weaving journey moving forward...while we wait -- all levels!

For those of you that are eager to continue....if you too are truly passionate about traditional band weaving, you already have many historic band weaving drafts from our courses to keep you weaving!

Go back, as I have done this past weekend (see above), to re-weave a weaving draft.

Change the colours!

The bands you wove in cotton to make a start -- weave those now in wool and see how this changes the piece, and how beautifully historic and timeless they become!

Revisiting the historic weaving drafts, you now have within your library, allows you to

continue to develop your weaving confidence, control, and further develops and expands your traditional skill set.

Some of you have asked about private, individual, tutelage, and yes, this spring, I would be open to this type of individual offering.

Contact me directly.

Old Farm Tea Towel Weaving MAL

I hope that those of you that attended our gathering, gaining access to my sharing of the old farm, historic tea towel weaving draft are enjoying weaving along behind the scenes.

I have not yet had the possiblity to offer the MAL sign ups, to invite everyone together for a gathering, because of finishing up the holiday, MAL, charity fundraiser from December/January - which has occupied much of my "free" time.

I had to see that through properly - by law - because of the financial donations and sponsorship prizes.

Hopefully things will settle down a bit in the next couple of weeks.

I will have distributed most of the prizes and I will have the time to invite and to settle everyone into a MAL gathering - sharing our progress or offer support - just in case you wish to participate but do not yet have access to the tea towel weaving draft.

Spring, the return of the sunlight, and renewed energy is the most wonderful time for weaving!

I am looking forward to it!

Vi ønsker våren velkommen!!!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Hi, because of all the planning for the genser I completely forgot ordering the advanced weaving wool. I just did and hope it wasn't to late 🙄❤️

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