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Knitography Farm - Autumn Course Offerings - Open Registration! Velkommen!

Greetings from the farm og God helg!

photograph above - little farm in the forest - autumn 2022

Registration for my autumn course offerings is now OPEN!

*Please read the registration information, prerequisites, and essential agreements carefully, prior to registration.

My traditional garment course for this season is Kofte 4 - Autumn 22.

This course is suitable for a beginner, just beginning their traditional Norwegian stranded knitting journey.

I will be adapting the course for the intermediate/advanced knitter.

I will be demonstrating the Stølsvatn kofte from Kofteboken 2 during this course.

The Trøndelag version!

If you do not have the Kofteboken 2, you will purchase access to the English pattern insert, which will be shared in parts during the course.

You will be notified directly to purchase the insert, if needed.

Prerequisite - one must have access to the basic stranded knitting course - which includes techniques from a traditional Norwegian knitting perspective - Selbu region.

I will also be offering a very special BONUS opportunity within this course, which will extend the tradition of Norwegian kofter and which I am excited to share with you!

Mitten Exploration!

This course offers an exploration of modern mitten design, from a historic Selbu mitten tradition - the region of Norway in which I live and am certifiied.

We will be exploring all of the mittens within the Siggurud course book set - including several bonus opportunities!

*Please read the registration information, prerequisites, and essential agreements carefully, prior to registration.

This course requires the book set to engage fully within the course and all BONUS offerings.

Although there is an individual pattern available for purchase via the designer for the mitten design which I will be demonstrating within the course - access to other course content requires the book set.

If you missed the opportunity to purchase the discounted, sponsored book set (which includes shipping), please contact me directly to add your name to the wait list and we will try to reach the publisher's quota once again.

Course start and end dates:

We will have a soft start to the autumn courses....introductions, bonus activities, setting up our

knitting bag books/reflective technique journals - organising and receiving materials from my farm shop.

There will be plenty of activity and opportunities for engagement this autumn!

We will, however, make an official start during the month of October.

I will share additional information after registration.

I will not be setting an official ending date for these courses.

Let us see how things flow along as we go, and what we discover together and where that takes us during the season of autumn.

Weekly course check-ins for support within these courses will always be on Sundays.

Community Check-ins will continue on Wednesdays for registered participants, with a variety of topics around traditional Norwegian knitting, folk art and history.

These Wednesday check-ins will not specifically focus on course content, but will offer the possibility of support, if needed.

If you have additional wonders or if you are in need of specific support, please do contact me directly or leave a comment below.

I will be very happy to help settle you in and/or welcome you into our community.

You can register your participation HERE


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Patricia - I was wondering if you would mind sharing the Finull color number for your green Veske you made/showed in the Sunday zoom - the green and natural are so "crisp". Thx !


Oct 01, 2022

Wow, a quaking aspen forest, absolutely beautiful. I was in an aspen forest years ago at the north rim of the Grand Canyon, it was a memorable experience, at a very high elevation and the leaves were changing in the Fall weather, a time I will always remember. 🍁🍂

Oct 01, 2022
Replying to

Hei! This is our birch tree forest actually....but I know exactly what you mean!

This is just out the back of our little farm....beautiful autumn! xxx

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