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Knitography Farm Community Check in! Upcoming Courses + a bit of Info!

Greetings from the farm,

I hope this week finds you feeling inspired and ready for the arrival of a new season!

After teaching a monoprint, team building journaling course last weekend, I was inspired to sketch and to create some hand carved prints for my little farm shop, reflective of my upcoming course offerings and traditional knitting.

Tomorrow I will host another community check in....if you have the opportunity to participate

Be welcome!

Please register your participation via the link below.

During the check in, I will be available to have a discussion around my upcoming autumn course offerings, in case there are any wonders.

I can also give brief support or clarifications for any of the courses that are currently active - traditional knitting or band weaving.

During registration for the check in, I am asking you to let me know if you are interested in making your own hand made knitting bag book/reflective journal to use during the autumn courses.

If you answer yes...then I will add you to a list and begin to share a specific first step list of found materials you will gather from around your home.

I will plan for us to meet together to work on this journaling project, once we begin the introduction phase of the course.

If you cannot participate in tomorrow's Community Check in, and you are joining the courses and would like to create the knitting bag/reflective me and I will manually add you to the list.

All autumn course check ins will happen on Sundays - just for your awareness and planning! :)

For now, we are just gathering together, finishing up our current projects, organising our materials and making preparations.

Soon registration will open and we will settle ourselves in with some bonus course activities to make a start.

Registration for autumn courses will open sometime during next week.

I will post when registration opens here on my little farm website.

NB! Course Materials

Sponsored discounts for the original, traditional yarn kit, OPEN shop of Rauma Finull (in case you are putting together your own colour palette), and traditional Stølsvatn kofte knapper (buttons) will end on Friday, September 30th.

If you have the possiblity and would like to join in the Wednesday community check in can register your participation HERE


Vi sees!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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