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Knitography Farm - Mini Course: Weave a Back Strap Belt from the Telemark Region of Norway!

Updated: May 6, 2022

Greetings from the farm!

This week, I will host a very informal mini-course from the farm, which will support you in weaving a traditional, hand woven, back strap belt from the Telemark Region of Norway, using a rigid heddle loom.

Most of you know the good news that I will graduate on May 14th and then apprentice as a back strap weaver during the autumn in Telemark!

The back strap belt is one of the most important pieces of equipment when back strap weaving - as your body is the loom and comfort and support are everything!

I have tried many, many back strap belts.

I have found that this one is the most comfortable and the most supportive, as well as traditional.

Notice within the photo above how the backstrap belt should sit on the body.

It is meant to sit in a supportive position within the lumbar region of the back, from hip bone to hip bone.

The first step then is to take your accurate, full waist measurement and then the measurement from your hip bone to hip bone. This placement is a bit forward from the side of your body.

We will use the full waist measurement later on within the project.

It is important to measure in the correct region, as pictured above.

Note: The Telemark back strap belts are handwoven, but the weaving drafts are written for multi-shaft looms. I have rewritten this weaving draft for our purposes, using the rigid heddle loom.


This plain weave, weaving draft uses a 10 dent rigid heddle.

You will need a minimum weaving width of 6 inches wide.

Our warp will be set to 10 EPI.

You will need to plan for a strong 8/4 cotton carpet warp or 8/2 cotton warp, which would be doubled. A strong linen or hemp warp would also be a very nice option.


I will share information around our upcycled/recycled weft next!

Please do reach out and let me know if you are interested in joining into the

weaving of this project.

Registration and participation is full for this course and it is now closed.

If you are a beginner, joining into the upcoming Traditional Band Weaving course offerings or if you are currently weaving or transitioning into using the back strap approach - it is my hope that weaving your own back strap belt will bring you much comfort and joy - enhancing your traditional weaving journey!

This course is my gift to you, with warmest regards from the farm!


Patricia x


19 коментарів

I would be interested in this but have not done any of the weaving yet as I found all this after it started. Would I be able to do this?


Yes please, Patricia. Just what I need before weaving on the backstrap method, please count me in. xxx


04 трав. 2022 р.

I would be interested in signing up for the May 7 zoom class, too.


I would like to weave a backstrap belt and learn weaving that way!


I would love to participate- please include me in your list! Thanks! Amy

03 трав. 2022 р.
Коментар для:

Hello! You are welcome to join. But please email me directly. I need your email. I have already started to facilitate the course. So take contact as soon as possible. x

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