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Knitography Farm's Holiday MAL! + the new movie Troll and KOFTER!

Greetings from the farm everyone!

I am SO excited this afternoon...and I hope that everyone participating in the MAL will have a bit of understanding....


First of all...I spent the whole morning working out on the farm IN SNOW!!!! was so beautiful....and made all of my mucking out in the barn so much easier.

Now it feels like advent!

Secondly...I spent the rest of my mid-morning, sharing the process of naturally dyeing the paper for our knitting bag books or reflective January journal projects.

More on that tomorrow!

And lastly....have you seen the new Norwegian film TROLL on Netflix???

Ok...outside of the "story" which I have many opinions and reflections around....

I was obsessed with the beauty of the cinematography and Norwegian landscape....the filming within Oslo and the surrounding area and of course the KNITWEAR!!!!

The actress, who plays the main character wearing the most beautiful kofte, throughout the movie!

And you will see a lot of other traditional pieces within the authentically worn!

I became obsessed to find out the name of this kofte!

So...the rest of the day....when I should have been filming the next steps of my mini-course - :/


I went digging into the archive...which now means that it is too dark to film.... :/

But guess what! I found it!!!!!

The kofte is from the 1940s!

They knit a beautiful restoration to use within the film!

I won't say anymore for now....but will share more when we gather together again.

If you have not seen is an entertaining film, with a sweet, subtle message....the ending was meh....

But more will be able to hear the Norwegian langauge....see the beautiful landscapes, all filmed in Norway....and most importantly the KNITWEAR!

It was quite fun to see the area of Oslo I know so well, and our most famous chocolate factory Freia destroyed by the Troll.

Below is the photo of the original kofte.

AND I have a MAL surprise for you!!!! :)

I will be back to the mini course and MAL tomorrow!

I hope you won't be too disappointed! xxx

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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