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Knitography Farm Spring Course Offering - "Choose your own path!"

Greetings from the farm!

I am getting ready to hit the forest path with my little flock for the FIFTH season! I just can't believe it!

The ups and downs - highs and lows - sadness and JOY!

There is nothing quite like the seasons of Norway.

Here we go!


One of the things I love so much about walking the forest path, three times each day during this season on the farm, is the solitude if offers...the creativity of mind and spirit in concert with nature. This is when my making flourishes, my inspiration soars!

How about you?

Are you ready for a new season of making?

To follow your own creative path?

A time to expand and explore your skills and grow your confidence?

If you have been dreaming of creating a traditional garment, but have needed support and facilitation to approach is the time!

Get ready!

This spring, I am offering a unique opportunity for you to join me on the forest path and participate in the "Choose your own path!" Course offering this spring!

The requirements of this course are:

  • you must have participated within my traditional Norwegian courses previously to participate.

  • fully completing one (preferably two) traditional garments (kofte or genser)

  • the garment you choose must be traditionally Norwegian, from a Norwegian designer or design company and use Norwegian wool

  • it must be approved by me for inclusion into the course

  • it must be a beginner (top down) or intermediate (bottom up) garment (advanced pieces will not fit into this course format).

  • you must be able to engage fully within the course, fitting it into your schedule before registering.

  • You must keep yourself updated by following all notifications, visual demonstrations and participate within the Zoom Check-ins and communicate via email, as needed.

  • This course will primarily be supported and demonstrated live, unless otherwise arranged.

Simply decide on the tradtional piece you are dreaming of creating, I will approve it for the course, facilitate the project and support you fully.

Kofteboken 1, 2 or 3 would be a great place to start! But other resources or patterns are possible.

You will not need Google translate or any other means of support.

I'm your girl!

We will take the traditional approach to each chosen piece!

This course will last approximately 6 weeks, taking us into the beginning of Norwegian summer.

Registration will open on May 8th, with additional information and details to come!

As we step out of the box of the traditional course format, I am sure there will be lots of wonders and questions!

For now, don't let yourself get overwhelmed....just focus on the piece you long to knit and we will make a decision together, so that you can begin organizing your materials.

I will make sure that the rest falls into place!

If you need access to a specific pattern, a yarn kit, traditional ribbons or buttons, I would so appreciate the opportunity to support you through my little farm shop!

Contact me directly!

Velkommen, with interest!

Reflections or feedback...I welcome those within the comments below!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful film! A visit to Norway is on my bucket list!


May 01, 2022

Should we email you ahead of time with the pattern we’d like to knit and get your approval or wait until we sign up?


Denise Wilkinson
Denise Wilkinson
Apr 30, 2022

Oh Patricia, This film of the Seasons in Norway is so beautiful—- and when I needed it most, it transported me to a place of peace. I plan to watch it over and over as needed. Thank you! “Choose Your Own Path” is a very appealing offering. I am anxious for your help in pacing myself with all the projects I would like to knit! There are so many! Thank you so much !


Joyce Hall
Joyce Hall
Apr 29, 2022

What an interesting selection of projects this initiative will spawn! I don’t think I will be able to join in as the conditions of participation in zoom sessions is just not possible within my time zone. I’ll look forward to seeing progress pictures in other media.

Joyce Hall
Joyce Hall
May 05, 2022
Replying to

Hi Patricia, On the zoom today you mentioned that it is possible there will be another‘follow your path’ course in your autumn. This certainly suits me better as we will be moving into the alternate time zone (summer daylight savings for me), which means I can participate more easily. I really like the Fana pattern and will buy the pattern leaflet from you when it’s available.


So excited to get to see this inspiring film and the beauty of Norway! Thanks so much for sharing, Patricia!

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