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Kofte Course 2 - Pattern Part 5 + a little visual video

Hello everyone,

We have 15 cm of snow today and it is minus 12 degrees C!

Winter has truly arrived.

It is time to light the lanterns! (Vi tenner våre lykter - from Trondheim)

By now, you will have received Part 5 of the pattern. They have both been sent out.

Below is a little message that I have recorded for you.

This is after the Lesson 6 - Part 1 and 2 that I opened up for you to review, to begin the montering or finishing of your kofte.

Here I have handsewn the steek, cut the steek and have I steamed down the raw edge.

More on this when we gather together on Wednesday!

Poor lighting and a "froggy" voice :/ - but this little visual will confirm the importance of transitioning your stitches from the steek into the body and from the body into the steek, during the knitting.

You have so much more stability for the button bands and a lovely raw edge finish.

I also show the edges and the edge stitches and the reason I go on and on about balance at the button bands!

I hope this helps you to "see" what we are aiming for!

Enjoy this day! Vi ses!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Kristine Flowers
Kristine Flowers
Dec 01, 2021

♥️♥️♥️ exquisite


Nov 30, 2021

What a sweet song! I really enjoyed reading the norwegian too.


Thank you for the beautiful song!

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