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Late Autumn Traditional Garment Course Offering - the Ingrid Kofte - Pre-registration Sign in!

Greetings from the farm, Preregistration sign ins for the Ingrid Kofte, traditional garment course offering during late autumn/early winter are now OPEN. By signing in before registration opens, allows me the opportunity to provide introductory information, which is important to settling in to the course. Registration will open at the end of September. Participants who sign in, will receive the introductory information and the registration links directly via the email provided within the form. Please fill out the sign in form carefully. Check for typos, of which I cannot be responsible. Although this is a google form, it is an open form.

A google account is not required to sign in or to participate.

Make sure that you have the original Ingrid kofte pattern to hand for use during the course. It has been distributed to all participants.

Velkommen! to a new season of traditional making and fellowship! Here is the direct link to pre-registration signing in! Please leave a comment below or within your form, if you have any wonders, reflections, or if you are in need of additional support.

Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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