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The happiest of endings....

Greetings from the farm, If you have been following my journey, you have probably already heard me wax lyrical about this beautiful experience! August was simply the most exciting month! Tusen hjertelig takk to everyone that participated in my traditional garment seminar - locally, during the St. Olav festival and within my Virtual Classroom. This is the most advanced, traditional garment that I have had the privilege to facilitate, remotely and locally! With so many historic, regional techniques to convey, it was a challenge for me to meet the timeline of this project. I am grateful for the support of the local historic society, and the sponsorship I received to facilitate and to exhibit my work. Including the mill collaborations, providing the traditional accessories. This project was realized in the most beautiful way - connecting history, the landscape, and tradition. My little Grå Trønder flock, grew this most beautiful wool, allowing me to create this piece, and to tell my farm story. Well, it has simply been a dream come true! If you are participating in my September will see this piece in person tomorrow, when we gather within our Systua circle. Velkommen!

I am looking forward to autumn, and a new season of making adventures!

Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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