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The Ingrid Rainbow!!! Yellow, Blue, Pink/Purple Green + Original!

Greetings from the farm,

This week behind the scenes, I have been collaborating with the designer of the Ingrid genser

to settle and to create Rauma Finullgarn colour palettes for the full rainbow of Ingrid jumpers.

Unfortunately, I cannot change any of the original orders already submitted to the mill or the porcelain factory...


The pattern is now set to all of the colours below.

Ingrid Mini-Knitting Course

For those of you that purchase yarn kit collections within my farm shop - you will receive the full English translation + a mini knitting course, which I am recording and preparing for you whenever you are ready to cast Ingrid on.

The mini course includes all tradtional technqiues + modifications that I am currently making during the knitting of my own original Ingrid.

Keep in mind that Ingrid is an intermediate garment and requires a good foundation of traditional Norwegian stranded knitting experience.

Yellow Ingrid

Green Ingrid

Blue Ingrid

Pink/Purple Ingrid

If you would like to purchase an Ingrid genser yarn kit + mug can order that HERE - It is important that you leave a clear note of your colour of choice witin the comment section of your order - otherwise I will assume that you would like to order the original Ingrid kit.


*Again, I am unable to adjust previous orders already placed with the mill and the porcelain factory.

Velkommen to my little shop and thank you for your support of my work here on the farm!

Enjoy this day!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x