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Traditional Norwegian Band Weaving Open Community Q&A - Sunday, June 5th

Greetings from the farm!

On Sunday evening, June 5th - at 22:00 PM (10 PM) CET summertime -

World Clock - Oslo, Norway

I will host an open community band weaving Q&A gathering for weavers beginning their traditional weaving journey, for those that are working toward finishing a module or would like to finish Module 1 or 2 this summer/autumn.

It will also be an opportunity to welcome and to celebrate the intermediate weavers who are beginning a new phase/level of weaving.

I will share an overview of my summer offerings and answer any wonders one might have around my Traditional Norwegian "plukkebånd" offerings.

You must register your participation HERE

You will receive the password and link to join during the day tomorrow, in good time before we make a start.


Warmest regards from the farm,


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