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"Ullpledd" - Epic, Year-long - Little Farm MAL - Final Sign up!

Greetings from the farm,

Yesterday, I fancied taking my walk following the creek down the mountain.

The creek behind the farm is an amazing natural phenomenon during winter.

It freezes, it thaws, it freezes, it thaws....

It flows freely and then it is still.

It is one of my favourite places in every season!

The sheep and I must cross over it to enter the forest.

That is a funny story for another day.

Today I must ask everyone that is interested in joining me in my epic, year long "ullpledd" (blanket) project to sign up for the final, official mailing list.

Unfortunately there was so much wonder and interest, the first sign up got a bit blurred and I was unable to manage it and all of the queries.

But no worries! :)

Today I am posting the final sign up!

My "epic, year-long" project - which I have completed year after year now, was born out of the deep winter project traditions on the old, village farms in Norway.

Deep winter was a time for long, engaged weaving and making projects during the dark season.

Some of these projects would carry on through until spring and the return of daylight.

Some would continue on, through summer, and be revealed during December at Christmas time.

Simple, mindful projects, which do not need much thought - but offer productive, peaceful rest - after the long season of hard work.

This year, I have chosen to knit another "ullpledd" (woollen blanket/throw) as my epic, year long project.

And to weave old farm tea towels ready for spring - but I will save the information about the weaving for another day!

If you are interested in joining the epic, year long "ullpledd" project, as an active, engaged

participant - be welcome!

Please read the sign up information, at the top of the form, carefully before submitting your information to the mailing list.

This sign up sheet, although a google form, is open for all types of email addresses.

This is the final, sign up and mailing list.

The deadline for signing up is Saturday, January 14th.

After this date, I will send out additional information to all participants.


***If you have already cast on your very careful when thinking about modifying the design - especially the edging!

I do not recommend altering the design or edging in any way, as this will affect the hand weaving needed to complete the project later on.

Modifying will alter the outcome of the design completely.

There is a special technique applied to create a beautiful edging for this ullpledd.

Please wait until we gather together if you are in need of support.

You can register your participation HERE

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Is the year long MAL a mystery or is there a post where a photo is posted To show the end result? I’m coming late to the game so apologies if I missed something. Tried to find mor info on design in past posts but didnt see anything. Thank you!

Kristine Flowers
Kristine Flowers
Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

I just checked on Instagram. Go on IG search Rauma pledd and you’ll see them 💗


Ency Austin
Ency Austin
Jan 10, 2023

I am registered and very excited about this year-long project! ✨

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