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Updates from the Farm! Traditional Band Weaving Beginner and Intermediate Course Levels

Greetings from the farm,

Welcome to spring!

It is finally here!

I have finished my apprenticeship and my Mastergrad....

AND! my little flock and I have returned to the forest path!

It is that wonderful time of year here in Norway!

This summer, in addition to my "Choose your own path..." Traditional Garment Course - I will be offering the next level Intermediate Band Weaving Course - a project based Module 3,

if you will.

For those of you that are currently participating in the finishing course, working toward the finishing of Module 2, and have secured your place within the intermediate course - the intermediate course kits are now available as a pre-order within my farm shop.

Details around the course format, the dates and the course materials have been sent out via email to all participants. I will share additional information at the end of May, as we meet to reflect upon our progress this month.

Please contact me directly with any additional queries or wonders.

Summer - Beginner Band Weaving Course

If you have yet to complete Module 1, or if you are interested in the history and the Traditional Norwegian Plukkebånd techniques, I am planning to offer an additional beginner band weaving course during the summer months.

No matter where you are along on your journey, just starting out or returning to revise and revist the techniques anew, this course will be a fresh start for you, right from the beginning.

If you are interested in participating within the course this summer or if you are returning to finish the Beginner Band Weaving Course, please fill out the interest inventory form via Google, which you can find HERE

I will send out information directly via email toward the end of the month.

All introductory information around the course, materials and tools will be provided.

Spaces are limited and priority is given to participants within my traditional garment courses. As weaving the traditional bands for garments and folk costumes is one of the primary aims of the beginner module.

God helg!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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