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Updates from the Farm! Upcoming Courses and offerings + Wednesday Community Check in!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Greetings from the farm,

There is a soft breeze within the forest this week.

The birch leaves are softly falling.

As the old saying goes, autumn is that time of year when nature teaches us how to let go.

And this season, I am listening and taking in these messages.

I have been walking endlessly through the forest the past few days with my little flock.

Filling baskets - collecting pine cones.

I have hundreds of them now.

They bring such joy to the studio during winter.

It seems at every turn, there are late summer gifts and colours to spark joy.

Here on the farm we are preparing for winter.

It will be here before we know it.

The grass that we grew, the wood that we chopped is all in place now.

With each passing year, we become a more sustainable farm.

Standing on our own two feet, keeping our little farm wheel turning.

There has been much hard work, through many weather challenges this season.

But despite these setbacks, this year we celebrate the growing of our own grass, to feed our little flock. All on our own!

One day we dream of owning our own equipment, but for now we are well pleased with this year's accomplishments.

As autumn takes hold, I organize and finalize preparations for new tradtional course offerings.

In October, and in celebration of Norwegian Mitten Day, I will return to my roots, facilitating the knitting of traditional Selbu mittens from a modern perspective.

I will then move into an early winter course focused specifically on traditional Selbu gloves.

Applying and extending our understandings of traditional mittens to glove construction.

Specifically, within the first mitten course, I will demonstrate how to knit a modern Norwegian mitten design by applying historic techniques.

I have chosen to demonstrate by knitting the Sofie votter - a pair of mittens, which includes the Trondheim rose. A motif taken directly from the traditional (bunad) folk costume from my region of Norway.

We will have three beautiful colours to choose from inspired by the landscapes of Trondelag.

The fjord, the fields and forest or the mountains.

The pattern for these mittens is found within a specific set of books by Helle Siggerud, which I will offer once again - as a specially priced preorder in collaboration with the publisher.

This beautiful set of books will allow us, not only to explore the knitting of mittens, but to focus on a variety of traditionally inspired garments, celebrating many different regions around Norway during the winter months.

I have also decided to focus and facilitate the knitting of my traditional folk costume pocket on the knitted design within these books. More on that soon!

If you are interested and would like join in to the course offerings in October and during winter - please contact me directly regarding the pre-order of this set of books.

Within the second course, I will focus on the knitting of traditional, historic Selbu gloves.

One must have the basic foundation of the Selbu mitten courses to participate within this more challenging and advanced course.

Due to the focus and content of the course, I have decided to offer the glove course as a stand alone offering.

I will share more information around this course as we progress along with our mittens.

I will also be offering a beginning (top down) traditional Norwegian garment course, with a focus on the basic techniques when knitting a tradtional kofte.

Within this course, I will also highlight and extend some of the basic skills to really flesh out the basic beginner pieces to include intermediate and advanced techniques, which will offer a more rounded experience for those wishing to move into more advanced, intermediate garments or for those that already have some experience.

We will knit the Stølsvatn kofte for this course, which is presented within the Kofteboken 2, on page 86.

I will be demonstrating this kofte using the traditional colours from my region of Norway,


These colours really make this kofte SING!

And, not to mention that the rose motif found within this piece is one of the oldest, historically.

I will have the possiblity to offer the complete yarn kit, which includes the traditional colours, with a sponsored discount code for course participants.



Knitography Farm Community Check in!

On Wednesday evening, September 14th, at 20:00 (8 PM) CET summer time - World Clock - Oslo, Norway - I will host a Knitography Farm Community Check-in to share additional, more in-depth information and answer any addtional wonders around my upcoming offerings, the course materials (books) and about the surprise FLASH sale.

If you have an interest and an opportunity to participate...Velkommen!

You can register your participation HERE

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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