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"With brave wings...she flies... - Updates from the farm!

Greetings from the farm,

I begin this update with much gratitude -

Tusen takk! for the support of my shepherd/farming coop for helping me on the farm during the last few weeks, and especially this past weekend!

All things are possible, when you have the right people there to support you through the challenges.

Tusen takk! to each participant within my summer traditional courses - for patience, and for understanding during these few extra days that our family needed together.

This has extended my break from work here on the farm, but I will be back to work as usual, tomorrow. When we will resume our knitting and weaving together!

The farm in autumn....

Although my heart is heavy this afternoon after saying goodbye to my children,

I am looking forward to the respite of a creative autumn - as I walk along, finding my way, on this new mothering path.

With many wonderful projects, collaborations, offerings and much inspiration to share - I am encouraged and hopeful.

An important personal change post-graduation for me, is that two days each week, I will be returning to my traditional, textile art work of several years ago, when I ran my art studio Kunstnerspiren in Trondheim.

This work will expand my traditional knitting and weaving courses - and allow me to return to my work with mixed media - designing, creating and offering "one of a kind" - bespoke pieces - but this time on the farm, in my farm studio.

All in support of my little flock and growing heritage wool!

These special pieces are designed to enhance the creative and reflective process of my courses and to inspire making in general.

To promote self-awareness, self-care, and growth as a traditional maker.

Specifically, this work will feature my signature knitting bag books - and introduce reflective weaving journals as well.

I will also offer creative ways to use these books and journals to the fullest at the beginning of each of my courses going forward.

Each of my pieces are created -

  • around an inspirational theme, idea, or story

  • with a piece of traditional, Norwegian, vintage håndverk (handwork) from the Selbu region of Norway, as the focal point

  • with vintage fabrics and lace

  • with handmade and vintage paper

  • with specialty papers and journaling cards

  • with unique small sketches, farm photography, and textile art pieces (embroidery, patchwork osv.) created by me.

  • with journal embellishments, ephemera, and interactive elements

  • with found objects on the farm

  • using only 100% repurposed, reused, or recycled objects

As an example, today I would like to share a "flip through" of my most recent project.

A handmade maker's journal - which I have entitled...

"With brave wings....she flies...."

This piece, as a focal point, features a beautiful piece of handwork "hekling" from Inge - a dear mentor and traditional maker from the village of Selbu.

The textile art and photography included within the journal is handmade by me.

I was inspired by the blåmeis birds, which built their nest here on the farm this spring.

I had the special joy of watching the baby birds fly out and leave the nest - off, out into the world, this summer.

A perfect metaphor for this day.

In addition to the vintage crochet piece made by Inge, this maker's journal contains 82 pages of handmade and vintage paper, repurposed vintage fabric and lace, and a handmade ceramic button, which I created specifically for this piece.

In support of my work here on the farm, this journal is available for purchase, with interest.

I also have 8 commission spots available for personalized, bespoke pieces this autumn.

Please contact me directly if you would like to collaborate for your own handmade maker's journal.

I will create a singular piece, especially for you.

I will present other "one of a kind" pieces, inspired by life on the farm, throughout autumn and winter

But this one....this one, I wanted to share especially today.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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ann buttermann
ann buttermann
Jan 15, 2023

wonderfully inspiring♥️


Siv Berge
Siv Berge
Aug 17, 2022

Hærligheten kor vakkert ❤️❤️❤️ skulle ønske jeg var pensjonist og hadde tid. Har kjelleren full av scrapbooking papir og utstyr. Hjertet sier ja, hodet sier nei 🥺


Ency Austin
Ency Austin
Aug 17, 2022

So lovely Patricia! ❤️


Such a beautiful book, clearly made with so much love and creativity. It is very inspiring to see what you did with so many precious bits and pieces. Thank you for sharing.


What a beautiful book! 💜💜💜🌷💜💜💜

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