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Zoom Live Check-in - Sunday evening, April 25th - 7 pm + Reminder + Special event - save the date!

Hello everyone!

You can now register for the Zoom Live Check in support clinic,

Sunday evening at 7 pm - Central European Time Zone -

please do register here: Zoom Check-in!

Do check the 7 pm (19:00) time in connection to your own time zone!

We have a lot of announcements to share this week!

A gentle reminder!

Norwegian Kofte Course - Quick Check in (Tonight) - Thursday evening, April 22nd

at 9 pm (21:00).

Log in information is on the Kofte Course participant BLOG.

Save the date!

Sunday evening - May 2nd - 9 pm (21:00) - is the date of our very special, upcoming guest speaker event.

This will not only be a special sharing of Traditional Norwegian designs, inspiration and

stories from an up and coming designer from the most northern region of Norway.

We will also have a Traditional Norwegian "Allsang" music event!

I will also share a much loved receipe for a special traditional Norwegian farm "kaffebrød"

(coffee bread or an afternoon tea treat).

This event falls on the weekend of a very special event that I am taking part in.

Representing Norway and my little I do hope you will save the date and join us!

We cannot wait!

More information and registration for this event will be posted soon.

If you have any questions, wonders or if you are in need additional support

within our Traditional Norwegian Knitting Courses you are very welcome to join.

Addtional thoughts, questions or comments, please do leave those below.

Warmest regards from the farm!

Patricia x

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