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Zoom Live Check-in Tonight + Updated Summer Course Information!

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all of the emails and feedback around expanding the Summer Course. I will not have the possibility to answer all of the emails, but I have read and considered each one.

I will be sharing addtional information about the summer course during our Zoom Live Check in tonight (and Wednesday), so please do join us if you have the possibility.

Here is the overview of my final decision:

I will only be offering and facilitating the T- shaped genser (jumper/sweater) course this summer.

I will not be offering the Sankt Hans Kofte. I will explain more around this during the Zoom Check in tonight.

You can knit one or both of the Traditional/Modified Selbugenser or the Sankt Hans genser.

All require that you register for the course + purchase the yarn kit, which includes the

pattern/pamplet within my farm shop.

The Sankt Hans genser yarn kit will need to be modified slightly, as you will need addtional background colour to knit this genser.

Due to time constraints, we will use the Selbugenser kit already listed within my farm shop.

However, you will need 50 grams less of the contrasting colour, which I will move and exchange to the main colour.

You will then need to purchase 1 addtional skein of your main colour choice.

I am estimating that you need an addtional 100 grams of background colour.

One could make this simple and just order a larger sized kit.

I will support you to work this out.

The planning guide for the Selbugenser can help you plan your purchase.

Here is the download again for your convenience!