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Zoom Live Check in - Wednesday, January 27th

Hello everyone!

On Wednesday evening, January 27th - I will host a Zoom Live Check-in support Clinic.

All course participants are welcome to join with their questions, wonders or need for clarifications. You are also welcome to just participate and listen in as a part of our global community!

This is an open support clinic check in without a specific topic of discussion.

If you have any questions, wonders or if you need additional support during

the knitting of any of my Traditional Norwegian Knitting Courses, please register here:


Warmest regards from the farm!

Patricia x

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Hello Patricia,

I originally thought I would knit the sandvik kofte but with the long floats I think it will

be a challenge for first a first go. I also purchased the tynset pattern. I have swatched for that one and think it will be a great choice. Though in the questionnaire I indicated that I was knitting the gammel sandvik but purchased both, do I need to let you know or will both patterns be sent in parts each week? Thank you for sharing your talent and passion with us!


Hi Patricia , I am sorry I missed the zoom call just got busy. I am knitting the Gammel Sandvik with the Rauma Finull. I did a swatch of stockinette with 3.5 mm and blocked it. I got 26 stitches over 4 inches ( I think it stretched when I blocked it).

I then did a stranded swatch and got gauge 24 stitches with 3.5 mm. I know when I have knit previously the Selbu mittens , I tend to knit tighter so that did not surprise me.

Do you think I am good to go , based on the the results of the stranded gauge. I appreciate I will need to check as I go along .



Jan 26, 2021

The introduction video has been up for several days now. Virtual Classroom videos always launch on Saturdays. There is no access code. If you need help to navigate the courses, please use the Online Course tab at the top and read How to access the courses.

You have plenty to do to get gauge and choose your size for this week and all of that is explained within the Introductory video to view at your leisure.


Hi Patricia- I keep checking for the first instructional video. Did I miss a notification (with access code)? I have crazy, ever changing work hours and mostly can't make the Zoom meetings, so I will have to rely mostly on the videos. If the instructional video isn't up yet, when should we expect it? Thanks.


Jan 26, 2021

Lou Ann - Make sure you are registered to join on Wednesday evening! Also, tonight at 9 pm, Oslo, Norway time...if you want to pop in, I am doing a stranded knitting demo!

I can show you how to hold your needles again if you have the possiblity!

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