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Little Woollen Farm Sculptures are handmade and inspired by our own local, heritage breed Grå Trønder sheep which we raise here on our little farm.


They are handmade from our own Grå Trønder sheep's raw wool.

Sculpted in the sheep's natural colours of light, medium and dark grey.


(Spring Clip 2018)

I have shorn, washed, sorted, carded, hand sculpted and needle felted these little woollen farm sculptures.


Each Little Woollen Farm Sculpture is uniquely created and will differ from the photographed sculpture pictured here.


When you purchase a Little Woollen Farm Sculpture all proceeds go directly to sponsor the care of our sheep, the growing of their wool and the project of milling of our yarns.

In this way, your purchase directly contributes to the project of milling our own farm yarns. 


With this sponsorship, we include the name and a special little photograph of the sheep your sculpture was inspired by!


Thank you for your interest and support of our work here on the farm!

If you would like to find out about our Adopt a Sheep project, check out the link within our Online Farm Shop here

Little Woollen Farm Sculptures

  • Each handmade sculpture is one of a kind and unique. 


    They are approximately 10 cm (or 4 inches) in long and 7 cm (or 2 and 1/2) inches tall. 

  • Our prices includes shipping + handling fee at checkout. 


    With confirmation of your order your one of a kind, handmade Little WoolIen Farm Sculpture will ship to you within 1 to 3 weeks. 

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