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Knitography Farm and Farm Shop

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Knitting, Geography, Photography, Self-Care

Knitography is a story-telling and visual arts project, with a specific interest in advancing the history, art and healing nature of knitting.

My aim is:

*to share the stories and history of Norwegian knitting traditions.

*to promote innovative designs based on traditional Nordic techniques and make them accessible for today's modern knitter.

*to mentor the technical skills of knitting, by encouraging hand knitters in their personal knitting journeys.

*to offer collaborative support to knitters around the world, as they develop and incorporate techniques and creativity within their hand knitted pieces.

*to provide an understanding of Norwegian wool, choosing the correct materials and tools to create a successful and pleasing knitted piece.

*to protect, promote, shepherd, grow, produce and distribute the traditional wool of my local breed of sheep, Grå Trønder sau.

*to promote self care through daily refection within the Knitting Bag Book.

*to support others to create the mindset, activities, practices and habits against stress, unhappiness, illness, depression and negative emotion.

Welcome to my little farm, here in the middle of Norway!

Donations to further this project are welcomed and greatly appreciated. They can be gifted through the PayPal donation button.

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