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A New Season of Making and a Traditional Celebration on the Farm!

Greetings from the farm! Wishing you a beautiful start to spring and to this new season of making! I have so many lovely updates to share, as we end this deep winter season of making within the Traditional Guild offering, and within several traditional garment courses! I begin by thanking all of the sponsors, kind collaborations and the support I have received, which has helped to make the deep winter season of making (January through March) such a wonderful success. Together we have followed the old farm wheel calendar, exploring seasonal making through a variety of historic techniques and Norwegian making traditions. In the next update, in just a few days time, we will celebrate and I will highlight specifically how we accomplished our aim of making in fellowship! Now we transition into a new season of making! I will be opening up the Traditional Guild for new participation, to those that are interested in joining us! If you are interested in registering your participation, within the Traditional Norwegian Guild offering, please send an email directly to: knitography AT gmail DOT com Those email requests will be forwarded to me by my account manager and I will get back to you personally in a few days. Registration will officially open on April 2nd. Velkommen with interest! Additionally! On Sunday, April 14th we will celebrate all of our traditional garment finishes during winter! Specifically the Ingrid kofte - but several other traditional garment finishes as well. This will be such a special day of accomplishment within our community! Below you see an example of Jody's stunning heirloom finish! Gratulerer Jody! Takk for allowing me to share your finish within our special invitation as an example of what we will be celebrating during this special event. In the next post, I will highlight other Friends and their beautiful finishes which we will celebrate properly on April 14th! ONE YEAR! In February, one year ago, our traditional community moved onto the Knitography Farm app platform. This platform has developed into a space to explore a range of Traditional Norwegian Folk Art Handiwork Crafts following an authentic, connected approach to seasonal making.

It is hard to believe that a whole year has gone by, but what a inspirational year it has been! Once again, Tusen hjertelig takk to each member of our community, each sponsour and for every collaboration offered to me and the belief and support of my work here on the farm. It means so much! Here's to a new, exciting and inspirational season of making following the old farm wheel calendar! HURRA!

Jody's perfect fitting heirloom finish!!!!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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The Traditional Guild 2024 has been an exciting time with projects that showcased socks, mittens, weatherproof/waterproof mittens, crocheted haps, spinning, weaving, making your own ink and your own paper for cards, plus making medicinal products, just to name a few of the variety of crafts available to anyone who chooses to join the Guild.  I have learned so much from Patricia.  She has a wealth of knowledge that far surpasses most teachers I have taken classes from.  I started my journey with her in August 2020 and each class has been a wonderful experience.  Although I have not completed any of the beautiful gensers, and koftes she taught, it wasn’t from lack of knowledge on Patricia’s part.  She is kind,…


A true blessing to have this opportunity to step back in time with the history and traditions that Patricia presents, explains and explores with us.

I so love getting to work along with the traditional Norwegian farm wheel.

For me it’s a dream come true

Thank you ♥️

P.s. I wanted to add there is such a lovely camaraderie in making together in fellowship.

Many of the pieces I've made I use and they really keep me warm in practical timeless beauty.


I’ve always enjoyed Patricia’s courses and have learned so much from her. I am really impressed with her Traditional Guild offering. Patricia has taught us so much about the farm wheel, the various projects, and the history behind them. There’s something for everyone! I’m looking forward to continuing with the guild this year.


Ency Austin
Ency Austin

I am continually learning, expanding my skills and enjoying our community. I’m so happy to be following the Norwegian farm wheel, exploring historic restorations and moving along in another wonderful year with Patricia and Knitography! ✨


Chock full of so much learning! I can’t wait to finish my Ingrid Kofte and start the next Kofte ❤️

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