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Velkommen to a new season of making!

Greetings from the farm, Today we officially begin a new season of making in fellowship within our Traditional Guild, following the old Norwegian farm wheel calendar. And! Don't forget to watch this space, as we are also preparing for a deep winter season celebration! I am once again grateful to each of our local mill sponsors, to those that give their time to collaborate with me and of course, everyone participating within our Traditional Guild community! Tusen hjertelig takk! Without your support of my work here on the farm, this would not be possible. I cannot possibly list what is in store and what we have planned during this, the longest season of making here within Norway! However, we do have two traditional garment course offerings which will begin in late spring/early summer - which I hope will inspire! One is from an advanced perspective, and one is from a beginning/intermediate phase, in which we will travel down south to the beautiful region of Telemark, Norway. Within the Husflidsrom support offering - of course, one can choose their own path - if they so choose! Below you see the modern restorations of these traditional garments. Together, we will elevate them historically, making many meaningful connections to their place in history. Applying traditional, historic techniques and approaches to restore them fully to an heirloom quality. An example of this, you can see below a restoration piece, within our current spring garment course offering!

Traditional Norwegian Spring Garment course offering (current). The official, traditional Myrdal, Norway garment - fully restored, to heirloom quality and historic accuracy.

Among the many historic studies we will engage in and explore, we will return to our roots, and the village of Selbu. Revising our basic Selbuvotter knowledge - extending it now, to the knitting of Selbuvanter!

We will continue our spinning, our weaving (cloth and traditional bånd) and all of the the traditional Norwegian handiwork skills we began together during deep winter. We have many historic garment restorations, bespoke designs, enjoyable Småstrikk explorations and traditional patterns to enjoy during this season! VELKOMMEN! skal du være! Queries or wonders? Please do not hesitate to contact me directly via my accounts manager and farm email: knitography AT gmail DOT com Your email will be forwarded to me and I will get back to you shortly. Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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I wanted to redo my original comment. After viewiing our Ingrid Celebration which showcased so many beautifully fitted and knitted koftes. I don’t believe I have ever encountered such detail, responsiveness, knowledge and determination to bring each and every knitter Patricia guided through this beautiful Kofte course. I am still working on it , but know it will not end up a UFO. What a gem Patricia and this community she is creating is! Tusen Takk❤️


Patricia is a wonderful teacher and I took her Selbu mittens course and learned so much. I look forward to hearing and learning more about this course.


It having a great learning journey since the first class offered by Patricia. My knitting skills have improved and grown; I learned new techniques and the Traditional way to knit different garments. She always share the history behind a garment, also Norwegian dishes, customs, holidays, her classes are full of information beyond the knitting techniques. Always grateful for this amazing opportunity.


I just love Patricia’s courses. There is so much to learn. The combination of traditional handcraft and history ist just perfect.

Patricia is a great teacher and here support helps through all of the challenges when knitting all of these beautiful traditional garnments.

I am so looking forward to the next season of making.


I began my journey with Patricia and her Knitography community in 2021 after seeing some amazing sweaters knit by a couple her students.  I immediately signed up for the next session and have enjoyed learning from Patricia ever since.  And what an incredible journey it has been!   Her classes have not only expanded my knitting skills but have also given me the opportunity to branch out to other traditional making endeavors.  The Traditional Guild offers an incredible range of projects to sample including things we may never have tried – or indeed known about.  The hard part is choosing which paths to pursue.  I want to do them all!

Having managed remote learning technology for a good part of my…

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