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Advanced Selbuvotter Course - Open Registration!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend and taking good care!

Today I launched my Advanced Selbuvotter Course - which will begin on February 6th.

You can read the tentative course outline here: Advanced Selbu Mitten Course

Check out the hashtag for inspiration and recommendations for my

Traditional Norwegian Knitting Courses. #knitographyvirtualclassroom

If you are interested in registering to join, here is the Open Registration link.

Don't forget that I am offerning a free stranded knitting workshop - during this week's

Zoom Live Check - in!

You are very welcome, but you must register to receive the link and password.


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Jamie P
Jamie P
Jan 12, 2021

Got the mitten book for Christmas and was so impressed. It's so much bigger than I expected. Just signed up for the first course, since I haven't done that yet, but will probably join this one too. I love my socks and want to learn more. ❤️


Registered! Now off to start my second sock... I really enjoy the combination of video content and live support you’re providing, Patricia. Makes it very easy to work at our own pace.

Kathy’s comment above is making me think about gloves now...




Hi Patricia, I have registered for Advanced Mittens. So looking forward to it, and to the Kofte course! Because I lived in the Arab world for many years (any Arabic speakers out there? ) when I see the word “Kofte”, I see a delicious little spicy meatball! It’s usually spelled “kofta” in English, but pronounced the same....Language is so much fun :)


Jan 09, 2021

I just registered,Patricia ! Kofte,mittens...happy weeks ahead !


All signed up! So excited about designing and learning history! Please include me in the group who is interested in learning to knit gloves, if that opportunity is an option. Thank you, Patricia. Can't wait!

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