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Autumn Course + Farm Updates!

Hello everyone!

Above you will see the beautiful knapper (traditional buttons) designed for the

Frøkengård Kofte. I am adding in this second Kofte choice for the autumn, beginner/intermediate course, per request.

We begin with the first Kofte and then add this one in after several weeks, close to the

mid-way point.

Registration for the autumn course opens on September 4th.

The course will begin around the weekend of October 1st through to December 18th!

To save on shipping, I have organized these buttons early, also at the discounted price.

If you would like to knit both kofter during the course, then you will be able to get both sets of buttons that you need at the same time.

Also! Today, I have organized updated Rauma Colour Cards for you, again by request. They are hard to come by at the moment, but I have been promised them for my shop very soon!

I will put those up as a pre-order and hold your buttons until they arrive, to ship together. If you are interested in seeing the Finullgarn colour samples in person while planning your Traditional Norwegian garments, that will be available for you!

The wool thread for steeking that I have available is also in the shop!

The Frøkengård Kofte comes in a wide range of sizes XS to XXXL.

If you are interested in purchasing yarn for this kofte via my farm shop, please do contact me directly and I will share the specs with you, to help your planning.

We will also weave the traditional woollen bånds for this kofte during the weaving course!

Registration for the weaving course is OPEN and the introduction to the course begins at the end of this week! Welcome!

It will soon be time for our GRAND KOFTE TOG (PARADE)!

I am finishing up that project and the exciting prize draw for all participants!

I cannot wait to see the finished Traditional Norwegian jumpers in the weeks to come!

Please do leave any thoughts or wonders within the comments below!

Happy Monday from the farm everyone!

Patricia x

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