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Farm Update! A long weaving journey + a NEW Traditional Course!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Greetings from the farm!

For the past nine, almost ten months, I have “secretly“ been expanding my weaving certification to the study of traditional Norwegian + Samisk "plukkebånd" to instruct.

As the pandemic took hold and my traditional Norwegian knitting courses went virtual, I was faced with the new challenge of providing the traditional threads, buttons and ribbons to finish off the heritage pieces that we were creating together.

In the past, participants within my courses could easily access these notions for "montering" from the local haberdashery. I realized quickly that this would be a challenge within my virtual classroom.

Surprisingly, I also discovered that the traditional technique of weaving "plukkebånd" - which is more specifically a technique from my region of Norway, was red listed; which means that the knowledge is dying out. This was enough of an impetus for me to take further action - beyond just accessing the mill woven woollen ribbons.

I love to weave! I taught basic weaving to young children and to young adults working on their personal inquiry, textile art projects for graduation as an IB teacher.

Plukkebånd or traditional band weaving is its own special textile art. It has a rich history in my region and the tecnnique is unique. "Plukke" or to pluck is done with the fingers, which is in contrast to other Baltic countries which use special tools to weave and create the traditional patterns.

I became fascinated by this weaving! Digging deep, as I so often do, into the rich history and variety of uses for these bands. It was simply astonishing how different this craft was approached even throughout Norway. Much like Selbu mittens or socks, it proved to be region specific.

Two weeks ago, I took my final exam and presented all of the pieces that I had woven during the ten months of study. They are now being juried and evaluated, as I await feedback.

In the meantime, I have been given an addtional Samisk ribbon assignment (pictured above). What a joy it is to weave!

If all goes to plan I will offer a Traditional Norwegian "plukkebånd" course at the beginning of October. Registration and support with materials will begin in September.

The courses will begin with the weaving of simple, beginner Viking bands.

Then moving onto the 5,7,9 and 11,13,15 "plukkebånd” tradition.

The courses will end with an advanced, intricate bunad or Samisk folk costume band.

This course outline will allow a natural, traditional, weaving, skill progression.

These courses will also offer participants the possibility to create their own historic Kofte (cardigan) ribbons needed for the Winter Kofte courses.

Weaving traditional bands is a such wonderful project to have on the side of your knitting.

You can weave just a few minutes each day, leave it and come back to it.

It is for the most part portable and Oh! so satisfying to watch the beautiful, intricate patterns emerge.

In the courses, I will guide you through all of the necessary materials needed, the vocabulary and the specific, traditional techniques.

I will also teach you how to create some of your own weaving tools, in addtion to those that you have on hand or will purchase.

When we move into the more advanced "plukkeband" weaving, I am also so pleased that my courses will be sponsored by the Rauma mill. They will support me to offer the traditional Røros weaving wool needed for the historic bands. This wool which is local to me, is spun from another rare, heritage breed of sheep and is quite expensive. But for the course, I have secured an affordable price for all participants. Bands woven in this wool will be of heirloom quality.

We will begin with plant-based affordable materials like cotton and move into the traditional thin wools from Røros.

This allows one to gain control, learn and make mistakes without too much investment.

I am thrilled to have the possiblity to offer this traditional course!

I look forward to sharing my exam samples (portfolio) with you in the future and other bands that I am weaving along.

I hope you will be interested in joining this NEW traditional Norwegian course!

Whether you are an absolute beginner or you have some weaving experience, this course outline will be appropriate for you!

This will be an extended course. We will begin in October, weaving along through the Winter months. We will weave many beautiful, traditional bands together during that time.

Including the Kofte bands needed for my winter Kofte course.

Finally, we will also weave a special Samisk band for a very special additional course I will be teaching midwinter.

Look for that and additional information in early autumn. Including a special Zoom weaving gathering to discuss course materials in more detail.

Please do share any thoughts, reflections or feedback below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy this day!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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I have a small , I think band loom, I purchased many years ago. Look forward to this class and learning this new technique. Will help the Wisconsin winter to move along.


Aug 18, 2021

I am totally in! How exciting!


Aug 12, 2021

Wow! I am really excited for this opportunity! Thank you!


What a wonderful course this will be! Can't wait! I have done some band weaving, and would love to learn more about Norwegian band weaving. I've woven a Baltic band and made it into a guitar strap for my granddaughter. I've done a bit of card weaving, too. It's so much fun! Thanks for all your courses and knowledge!


Ohhhhh yes please! Count me in too!!

Lou Ann Murphy

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