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Farm Update! A new season on the farm....

Greetings from the farm,

Welcome June and the arrival of early summer on the farm - one of the loveliest seasons of the year! A time of endless green, big sky blue and midnight sun. Although much of my time will be spent in the forest this summer, it is also that busy time of year, when much of my work will be in preparation for the arrival of winter. I have beautiful fleeces to sort through after shearing this spring, and I am currently preparing and stocking my small, local farm stand with a taste of summer offerings - handmade here on the farm.

In addition, this summer, I am preparing for a local exhibition of my traditional, historic textile study and a residency at the Bygdemuseum - demonstrating traditional band weaving, traditional garment techniques, and recreating some of the history of life on an old village farm within the Trøndelag region. I am working one on one with a small group of individual band weaving students, at a variety of levels, facilitating Part 3 of my Historic Textile exploration, beginning June 1st. During mid-June, I will present my second Visual Seminar featuring the T-shaped Trønderkofte (example - pictured above). Deepening the understanding of traditional garment construction.

2023 has also brought a lot of wonderful transitions. This spring I have had support to restructure my little farm website. Making space to continue my traditional offerings within the Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom #knitographyvirtualclassroom - within a tight budget. And! During June, we celebrate four months, since the transition to the Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom information, support and community platform app. This platform has opened a world of possibilities for me to share interactive traditional offerings, provide immediate support and build an engaging community of makers - interested in traditional Norwegian textiles from the historic village of Selbu, and the wider region of Trøndelag.

I am looking forward to this new season and I have so much to share! God sommer! Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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