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Farm Update! A sharing - Autumn Harvest Recipe + Shearing Day + Last Day of Open Course Registration

Greetings from the farm,

It is the season of harvest, gratitude and community.

We are making the final preparations for winter.

As the days grow colder now and the darkness sets in.

The photograph above is of our beautiful view over Selbu lake, and the many low lying farms within our co-op network - at the end of summer.

We recently came together to harvest and to share the vegetable crops that we have all tended to on rotation, and grown in collaboration, during this season.

Each farm makes a small contribution, which makes a big difference for everyone during the winter.

Despite the weather this year, I was pleased to share, not only my time, but many freshly dried herbs, handmade teas, and medicinal offerings - which I foraged and grew here on the farm and within the forest.

We have a small stockpile of emergency grass to offer if needed and I baked an eplekake, from my own farm apples to add to the dessert table for the evening meal.

When the work of the harvest was completed, we worked collaborately to make our meal or middag, using a variety of the vegetables from the harvest.

As an offering to you from my little farm - you can download this simple, hearty, farm soup recipe which I have translated below. (We multiplied the recipe and quantities for our large gathering).

This is a delicious, warming, plant based soup/stew - perfect for autumn and this time of year.

It is easy to modify and to make your own with local, seasonal produce.


Høstsuppe Oppskrift
Download PDF • 101KB

Yesterday, was shearing day!

Despite the rainy, cold, weather (and being completely exhausted), we have realized growing the wool for our GREEN year!

This shearing day, once again, produced THE most stunning rare, heritage breed

(Grå trøndersau) fleeces!

All of our efforts - the back-breaking work, the many challenges, the mud and muck and the long, long days, come together in joyful celebration on shearing day!

Our vision and our purpose is once again - energized and clear.

I have a lot of work now to do, to hand prepare and sort each fleece, but we will soon be back at the mill, spinning our beautiful, heritage wool once again.

Today our little flock begins another new season of growing wool!!!

Autumn Course Offerings

Today is the last day to register to participate in my autumn course offerings and to order the woollen ribbon for the Kofte 4 traditional Norwegian garment course, at the sponsored discount.

If you are interested in participating, but you have wonders or need additional support, please contact me directly.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a bit behind with work in my farm shop, but hope to get to all of that later today/tonight.

Enjoy this day!

Warmest regards from the farm,


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