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Farm Update! Autumn Traditional Knitting Course!

Hello everyone!

This Autumn, I have decided to offer an additional beginner/intermediate Kofte course before beginning my advanced winter kofte courses.

This will give current participants and those that are or have been interested, the opportunity to participate and to practice, going through the skills a second time, with guidance. *As you must have taken or be registered for the beginner course to participate in the advanced Winter course.

This second beginner/intermediate course, will be approximately three months in length and will add some additional techniques, not shared within the first Kofte course - so there will be something for everyone.

I will be knitting and demonstrating the Garnmannen 430 kofte from Koftebok 1.

This kofte is of a similar style to the kofter we knit within the first course, but with a few extra techniques.

Once you finish this course, you should then be able to knit any kofte bærestykke, confidently.

This will be a beautiful kofte to wear during early winter and the upcoming festive season!


I will appreciate greatly if you purchase any wool needed for the course project from my farm shop. In this course, it will also be possible to knit from your current stash of Rauma Finullgarn. In other words, I am not restricted, this time, with the pattern in connection to the yarn kit.

Here are the pattern specifications for your planning.

Please note: The bust measurements are the finished garment measurements and you must plan your own personal fit/style based on those measurements.

There are specific buttons designed for this kofte and I will provide those for purchase within my farm shop, with interest.

The colours below are only a guide for your planning, as the yarn used within the pictured Kofte is not Rauma Finullgarn, but a wool from a different Norwegian mill.

If you would like me to organise an exact colour match for you, I can look at the Finull colour card and share those numbers with you. Just let me know. THE COMPARABLE RAUMA FINULL COLOURS AND THE YARN KITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE WITHIN MY FARM SHOP.

Sizes: (XS) S (L) M (XL)

Measurements: Bust: (84) 90 (96) 102 (115) cm Full length: ca 68 cm

Yarn: Rauma Finullgarn

Yarn requirements: Natural: (200) 300 (300) 300 (300) g Light blue/gray: (200) 300 (300) 300 (300) g Olive green: 50 g for all sizes Ochre gold: 50 g for all sizes Terracotta red: 50 g for all sizes Light (bright) blue: 50 g for all sizes

Buttons: 8 buttons, Bjørg (19 mm)

Recommended needles: Size 3 and 3.5 mm circular needles and double pointed needles

Gauge: 24 sts in pattern on 3.5 mm needles = 10 cm

*We will be weaving our own Kofte bånd within my "plukkebånd" course which will run parallel to this course.

Registration for the course will open on September 4th.

The course will begin on September 26th.

*I will be back tomorrow to share information around my upcoming traditional "plukkebånd" weaving course.

If you have any additional questions, thoughts or are in need of support, please do leave a comment below and I will get back to you.


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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