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Farm Update! Spring Genser Course Update!

Greetings from the farm,

During next week, registration will open for the spring, "Choose Your Own Path - Genser Course" offering.

This offering is open for those beginning their traditional Norwegian stranded knitting journey, or for dear Friends progressing along into more advanced garments.

When registering, you will share the traditional Norwegian garment you will be knitting -

your final choice.

There will be a few addtional questions you must answer, which will help me to organise you into the correct construction grouping and to prepare to offer specific support.

Although I will not be demonstrating your specific garment, technique by technique, I will be walking along beside you, helping you to progress along.

This offering is an opportunity for you to apply the skills and techniques that you have learnt thus far, gain confidence, and allow me to nudge you gently into next steps!

All the while, choosing a traditional piece that truly inspires you!

Additionally, the aim for this course is traditional Norwegian, garment construction.

We are looking underneath the traditional stranded knitting motifs/designs -

exploring the construction!

And, we will have many to examine, within the many choices within our community.

Note: If you are not participating within the Visual Seminar, which I am currently presenting on construction...please contact me directly via email.

We have a lovely group that has decided to knit Favorittgenseren for dame (pictured above).

This is a perfect knit for påske - if I do say so myself! :)

This was my påske genser a few years back.

This is a genser to LIVE in! I love it that much!

The design construction of this genser is suitable for beginners, interested in joining in for this offering.

And, I have the opportunity to offer the original wool, as a kit, within a new collaboration that I have with this mill, as a freelancer.

Rauma Finull garn is also very appropriate for this piece and you have the sponsored, discount to enjoy.

My first Favorittgenseren for dame was knit in Finullgarn.

You can see it on Instagram...during påske! :) by scrolling down.

If you are interested in the original Norwegian wool, please contact me directly.

I will be calling the mill and getting those orders in.

Do note that there will be a little wait, as they are farther away from me and the farm.

I will also be knitting this piece during the course. :)

This will allow me to support those beginning their journey and to show and share the techniques, visually, in real time.

Although we must wait a bit for the original wool, we will cast on together - even if we are slightly behind the timeline.

No worries!

As this will be a casual, relaxing knit, and we have plenty of time!

The only prerequisite for beginners is the basic stranded knitting course.

And, no matter what level, you must have purchased the book for this piece, as I do not have any collaboration or permission around this garment.

Original wool:

You have the possibility to choose the colour of the bolen (body) of the genser....but the upper

part of the design, which is knit in shades of gray...will stay the same.

It is a "kit" offering.

For those of you that have chosen your colours....I will have the kit listing on my farm website soon for you to finalise your orders.

Thank you for your patience. I will notify you directly.

I am working out the calculations etc.

However, just for reassurance, this wool is very affordable and falls within the same price point as Rauma Finullgarn!


An update around the Ingrid Kofte Pattern!

I am very excited, because we have enough interest and we have greatly reduced the price of this pattern! I will wait the full week, as I shared, because I want to connect with everyone that is interested to get the lowest price possible!

Then we will settle this up!

And! If you are interested in the original colours....and you are planning to knit this kofte - take advantage of the course discount code! We are allowed to use the discount for garment wool. I have a planning guide for you, contact me directly.

Once things are more settled, we will discuss the interest in a technique offering around this design. As you know, it contains many historic techniques which we have not yet covered in previous course offerings.

This is truly a unique, celebratory kofte!

I hope you have a lovely end to the week og God helg!

I am looking forward to our community MAL celebration on Sunday, February 12th!

I will send out the log in invitation to everyone on Saturday! xxx

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Feb 14, 2023

Patricia I would like to join your group to knit the Favorittgenseren And would also like to knit original yarn. My choice would be the pretty light purple shown. I hope I still can sign up.



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