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Farm Update! Spring Genser Course Update!

Greetings from the farm,

During next week, registration will open for the spring, "Choose Your Own Path - Genser Course" offering.

This offering is open for those beginning their traditional Norwegian stranded knitting journey, or for dear Friends progressing along into more advanced garments.

When registering, you will share the traditional Norwegian garment you will be knitting -

your final choice.

There will be a few addtional questions you must answer, which will help me to organise you into the correct construction grouping and to prepare to offer specific support.

Although I will not be demonstrating your specific garment, technique by technique, I will be walking along beside you, helping you to progress along.

This offering is an opportunity for you to apply the skills and techniques that you have learnt thus far, gain confidence, and allow me to nudge you gently into next steps!

All the while, choosing a traditional piece that truly inspires you!

Additionally, the aim for this course is traditional Norwegian, garment construction.

We are looking underneath the traditional stranded knitting motifs/designs -

exploring the construction!

And, we will have many to examine, within the many choices within our community.

Note: If you are not participating within the Visual Seminar, which I am currently presenting on construction...please contact me directly via email.

We have a lovely group that has decided to knit Favorittgenseren for dame (pictured above).

This is a perfect knit for påske - if I do say so myself! :)

This was my påske genser a few years back.

This is a genser to LIVE in! I love it that much!

The design construction of this genser is suitable for beginners, interested in joining in for this offering.

And, I have the opportunity to offer the original wool, as a kit, within a new collaboration that I have with this mill, as a freelancer.