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Farm Updates! Autumn Course Update + Wednesday Check in! + November (+ December) Mini Course!

Greetings from the farm,

For participants within my Traditional Band Weaving Courses, a gentle reminder that tomorrow - Wednesday, November 9th is the last day to register for my

November (+ December) Band Weaving Mini-Course.

We will be focusing on the historical signifigance and woven symbols of

JUL (Christmas) within Norway - hjerter

We will extend our basic skills with a few, new, and exciting weaving techniques that I am

now certified to share with you!

The course begins this weekend!

Above in the photograph, you will see the traditional, textile weaving found within the old farm house "stua" in Telemark.

This is the same building in which I filmed a few lessons during my apprenticeship and attended several beautiful concerts.

Practical everyday woven cloth, for a variety of purposes on the farm.

As if time just stopped....

Isn't it beautful!?

Autumn Course Updates!

Now that I have finished my final certification for 2022, I have the possiblity to return to hosting our Wednesday, Check-in sessions.

We will meet tomorrow night, Wednesday, November 9th at (19:00) 7:00 PM CET winter time -

World Clock - Oslo, Norway - with interest.

This check in session is NOT specifically a part of the autumn courses.

Rather, it is an informal, community gathering for those participating within my traditional courses, that have the possiblity to attend.

I will offer support mid-week if needed.

Otherwise, we will be talking about a variety of traditional topics and knit along together on our projects.

If you have the possibility to attend, be welcome!

If not, please do not worry about missing any course content. That will be provided to you and I will support you fully.

And, someone usually always takes notes, in case we dig deeper into interesting random technique topics!

I will be sending out Wednesday Check-in information and sharing the link and password to join into the community check, directly with course participants tomorrow.


Kofte 4 Course Materials Reminder!

Please note: Sunday, November 13th is the deadline for all Autumn Kofte Course Materials.

Stølsvatn Kofte Original Yarn Kits

Traditional Ribbons

Traditional Handmade Buttons

English Course Materials

After this date, I will end my collaboration for this project and start new negotiations for winter offerings.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Kristine Flowers
Kristine Flowers
Nov 08, 2022

Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. I was wondering traditionally what fibers / yarn would have been used for the everyday weaving for practical everyday cloth . . . ? Would that be handspun cotton, flax, or wool ? Thank you Kristine


❤️I’m looking at those thin warp threads 🙀🙀🙀❤️ - how did they warp those??


Nov 08, 2022

The cloth has an ethereal feeling to it, for me, delicate and wispy through the heddle! 🫶🏼 Thank you for sharing!


Ency Austin
Ency Austin
Nov 08, 2022

Such lovely everyday cloth! Thank for for another autumn of gorgeous class offerings. I am loving each and every stitch. ❤️


Nov 08, 2022

What a beautiful photo. You have reminded me that I need to finish Band 5 and submit. I only have about 40cm left to weave, if that. I will aim to finish that by tomorrow evening so I'm ready for the weekend.

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