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Farm Updates + News + this year's Charity Make-a-long!

Greetings from the farm!

A heartfelt, THANK YOU, for the warm response to the "sneak peek" into my holiday, charity, MAL (make-a-long) - which I have been planning.

Your kind comments and feedback have meant so much to me.

I have felt encouraged and uplifted, coming out of such an anxious and upsetting time for my heart - and my family.

I have always found that in giving and giving back, we have the possiblity of healing ourselves.

"In the wisdom of growing older, we discover that we have two for helping ourself and one for helping others..."

The MAL will kick off on the first Sunday of Advent here in Norway....November 27th.

I will ask you to register your participation for the season, so that I might distribute all of the necessary information and extras directly to you.

Once again this year, I have planned the MAL to support my local

Kirkens Bymisjon at Vår Frue Kirke

If you participate and find enjoyment in all that I have planned to share during this year's MAL, I hope you will consider making a donation to this most worthy project.

Their work in Trondheim is powerful, and my family and I are so humbled and privileged to participate in fulfilling their mission year round.

I will share more details about Kirkens Bymisjon and how you can contribute, once we make a start.

All donations via my little farm will go directly to their account under the Knitography Farm MAL name.

This is the last weekend to purchase the Bergmannen's Daughter mitten kit. If you already have the pattern from the previous KAL of these mittens, and would only like to purchase the original yarn kit, I will refund the price of the discounted pattern, to the designer from your purchase.

This will be an informal KAL during the Mitten Exploration! Course + the MAL and I will support you fully during that time, if needed.

Kofte 4 will begin knitting kofte sokker this weekend and I want to shout EUREKA! from the top of the mountain, because I FINALLY figured out this old, old, heel pattern and it is going to be!

We will be bringing the knitting of our kofter, sokker + votter knitting into our MAL this season.

Such a relaxing time of fellowship!


There will be weaving and journal making (finally) and so much more!


This has been a special week for me on the farm, as I delivered another shearing to the mill.

This experience and the excitement never gets old!

Soon they will examine, grade, and begin to spin my GREEN YEAR lot of wool.

I am anxious to hear their feedback and what this past season of growing wool will bring for me and my little flock in the days to come.

It is the season of gratitude....and I know for many it is a busy time.

I, too, feel reflective and so.very.grateful.

What a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to make, to enjoy, and to love.

God helg alle sammen!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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