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Festival Weekend! Old Historic Farm Baking + a new "Forest Path Collection" Hap design!

Hello everyone!

Happy May Day!

In celebration of this weekend's festival events, we are baking lemse here on the farm!

Just in time for our Norwegian allsang and special guest event on Sunday night!

I have also released my farm Hap design "Barn Dance" and the original yarn kits!

You can read about the design and the yarn kits within my little farm shop.

I also share a bit of the historic story and inspiration behind this farm Hap on Instagram today!

Knitography Farm Shop

For those of you that are joining in the festivities this weekend...we are looking forward to hearing about your baking and what you think of lemse (lefse) - the oldest, documented "kaffebrød" (treat to coffee or tea) recipe from the village farms in Norway!

We are using the recipe from our region Trøndelag...which means triangular shaped lemse!

Here is a little video from our farm kitchen!

Find the list of simple ingredients we used below.

Trøndelag farm lemse:

We used 150 gram of light syrup, 1/2 liter of buttermilk, 2 teaspoons of horn salt, 250 grams of rye wheat flour, 400 grams of whole flour.

We also used local Røros butter, sugar and cinnamon for the "filling" that you spread inside the lemse.

Please do leave us your comments below! We are looking so forward to hearing from you!

We had a little sneak taste of delicious!

Enjoy Friends!

Warmest regards from the farm!


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