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Ingrid Kofte - Updates + September Sign up!

Late summer greetings, So many wonderful activities and events are happening on the farm at the moment! Just to name a few, I am working to finalize the details around autumn, and early winter traditional offerings and the opening of the exhibitions of my work here on the farm. Both of which I am looking forward to sharing, in more detail, during the coming weeks. For now, we are right in the middle of exploring the beautiful Trønderkofte, its unique design, and the many advanced techniques, not found within other traditional Norwegian garments. I am so enjoying facilitating this offering for those that are participating on the information and support app platform. It is truly inspiring! I hope that many of you will be interested in the knitting of this traditional garment, in future! As we move into autumn, September, and deeper into a new season of making - I will be offering the much anticipated, guided, Ingrid Kofte Course - another beautiful, traditional garment from this region of Trøndelag, my home. The history and story behind the design of this kofte is beautiful and moving. Most participants have purchased their pattern, their yarn kit, and have now received their specially made and woven, traditional buttons and ribbons. If you are still in need of support to organize for the start of this course offering or if you have additional wonders, contact me directly. For active participants, you can reach me via the app platform, or you can leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am pleased to announce that sign-ups for this traditional garment offering will be in

mid-September. As with all my course offerings, we will begin to gather together and work through introductory activities during the last week of September, beginning this course, officially. Det er bare å glede seg! Velkommen! Warmest regards from the farm, Patricia x

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