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Knitography Farm Autumn Course Introduction + Bonus Offerings!

Greetings from the farm,

On Sunday, October 2nd at 20:00 (8 PM) CET summer time - World Clock - Oslo, Norway -

I will be kicking off an introduction to my autumn course offerings.

As we finish up summer projects, settle ourselves, and our materials, for the upcoming traditional garment and mitten exploration courses, we begin with an introduction and a traditional bonus course offering.

This offering will include two relatively quick traditional projects based on Norwegian folk costumes and historic design.

The first project is a Traditional Norwegian bunad veske (purse/pocket), which is traditionally handmade out of Norwegian wool (woollen felt) and embroidery.

We will be knitting ours using regional motifs.

For our second project we will create a pair of matching or complementary pulsvarmer (wrist warmers) also based on traditional motifs.

Both of these projects will provide us with A LOT of information in preparation for our autumn course projects.

You could very easily call these bonus courses the "swatching" phase of our course, as we will use the veske and the pulsvarmer as our swatches to warm up in a variety of ways.

I will also demonstrate and support you to extend and to modify the content within the course books to create a variety of pieces using different design elements.

Perfect for gift giving in the future!

Finally, during these introductory course activites, we will also engage in systematically setting up our knitting bag books for the autumn course projects.

A knitting bag book is a multi-functional tool of reference and reflection.

It is an invaluable resource for personal and creative development, as a traditional maker with a historic perspective. :)

Please keep in mind for your participation and advanced planning - -

in addition to visual demonstrations within the virtual classroom and written information on the participant BLOG - the weekly course check-ins will always be held on Sundays throughout autumn and the duration of the course.

*Our clocks in Norway change to wintertime on October 30th.

If you are planning to register and to participate in the upcoming autumn courses

and if you have an interest in the introductory and bonus course offerings, please register your participation and fill out the pre-registration form concisely.

Include any wonders you have or specific need of support - I will contact you directly, if needed before Sunday.


You can register your participation in the introductory gathering on Sunday HERE

Warmest regards from the farm,


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Mechele MacDonald
Mechele MacDonald
Sep 27, 2022

What a great opportunity! Looking forward to all of these great unique sessions! Thank You! 😁🍁🌻🍂

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