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Knitography Farm Community Check in! Wednesday, July 13th - 20:00 CET summertime

Greetings from the farm!

Several updates for you today!

First of all, I still cannot believe it, but I had the most special opportunity and complete pleasure to host Randi and her family here on the farm this week!

Despite the challenges of the weather and recent flooding we have experienced, it was such a special day for me- one to remember!

I want to thank Randi for her kindness, friendship, interest and support of my work here on the farm!

My little flock and I are still just buzzing from the experience!

Thank you as well, to her knitting group from the US - Janice, Denise and Deb for thinking of me so far away and sending so many lovely surprises which brightened my summer.

This is a special group of Friends and I am so grateful that they are part of our community and have each other to share this traditional making journey.

Wouldn't you know that today, we have sunshine in the forest! :/

But still LOTS of water flowing down the mountain (see above)

Community Check in!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 13th at 20:00 (8 PM) CET summertime - World Clock - Oslo, Norway, I will be hosting an OPEN community check in.

I will be taking a break from the "extra" CYOP check in sessions for awhile.

If you are a part of my ...

  • finishing courses

  • Choose your own path course

  • M1.v2 Traditional Band Weaving Course for beginners

  • Intermediate Band Weaving course are most welcome to register to join in for support.

There are several groups within the CYOP course that are ready to move on with their garment and need confirmation for their pattern.

So, rather than spending time on replying to your emails...I am asking you to kindly fill out the registration form and I will be prepared to support you moving forward with your traditional garment.

The M1.v2 band weaving course participants are finishing up and submitting their first projects! If you have questions or challenges you would like to discuss, let me know.

The Intermdiate band weaving course is settling in to Project 1 or Project 2.

Project 2 is working through a variety of challenges that they might not have anticipated.

We can discuss this together and I have several updates for this group, as well.

And finally,

My last finishing course for this summer is coming to an end and I want to check in on their progress and make sure they are all on track to FINISH!

We do have some finishes to celebrate as well! :)

Addtional updates:

At the end of this session, hopefully there will be time to share information around some of my upcoming mini course offerings.

These offerings have unfortunately been a bit delayed due to unforeseen challenges this summer, mostly weather related.

I specifically want to include a "book share" from a historic, personal inquiry project that I am engaged in this summer. A project which is connected to Norwegian (and Scandinavian) band weaving. You might also be interested in joining into this personal project?

Although historic, it is very timely for the modern maker.

The Ingrid genser kits have almost all shipped. I am just waiting on the Ingrid "krus" in the extra colours from the most recent orders to arrive on the farm. Once I hear that those parcels are starting to land, I will open up for the supportive mini course which is included with the yarn kit purchase. This mini course will support you to knit your genser successfully.

It is not too late to join in with interest!

We have a prize draw within our Intermediate Band Weaving Course which I thought would be fun to share with the whole community there to celebrate.

If you haven't seen the wonderful accomplishments of this will find those HERE

Registering to join the community check in:

If you would like to participate in the community gathering, please do register your participation HERE

But please, if you have wonders or need specific support, I expect that you fill out the registration form completely, so that I might have the opportunity to prepare to support you fully in advance.

The link and password will be sent out tomorrow, in good time before we check in together.

My list of projects and inspiration is always long! But for now...enjoy this day!

I look forward to our gathering together tomorrow.

If you have addtional thoughts or feedback, please leave those within the comments below.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Lynn McCown
Lynn McCown
Jul 13, 2022

Since the check=ins are now Joint ventures with the band weavers, who apparently normally have to register to be included in a zoom meeting, are all participants from now on be required to register for inclusion? If so have long is the window open for us to do so? The post telling me of the need to register was sent yesterday, I saw it about noon today and was not allowed to register. Since I was accustomed to receiving links, I was ill prepared for a return to registry😉 Im in the CYOP group with Kongsberg. Please clarify for me. Thanks! Lynn McCown

Jul 13, 2022
Replying to

They are not joint ventures....this was a community check in for all courses...a gathering, a fellowship. It had nothing to do with the course...unless someone wanted support. I hold community check ins once a month and yes, to protect the online safety one must register for this type of gathering as I am responsible for this by Norwegian law.

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