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Knitography Farm's Community Påske Palooza - MAL! Saturday, April 1st through Sunday, April 16th

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It is that wonderful time of year again! Påske!!!

The return of the sun....the anticipation of spring, and the possibility of welcoming new lambs to the farm.

Once again this year I am hosting my Påske MAL.

But this year it is going to be a Påske PALOOZA!!!!!

A very mysteriously, happy Easter MAL (make a long)!

It will be JAM PACKED with lots of Norwegian Easter "nuts" - Påskenøtter (or surprises) for you!

I will be sharing all of the fun (and unusual) Norwegian activities that folk get up to here in Norway, at this MOST special time of year.

Specifically, makers!

Most of you know from my previous Påske MAL events, about the important Norwegian focus on making "sitteunderlag" and "grytekluter" at this time of year.

You might be seeing those projects popping up on social media right now! :)

This year we will be inspired by another of the Norwegian Påske "making" themes.

But of course, until we get is a mystery - a Påskenøtt!

And!!! Within my tradtional garment course, we are currently focused on knitting the must have yearly,"påske genser" (Easter jumper) - so consider that covered!

There are a lot of "mystery" påske events out there....but I promise you --- this one is going to be SO EGG-CITING!!!!

Mysterious, full of SUNSHINE, oranges, KVIKK LUNSJ, SOLO, traditional påskeegg, Påskekrim, FELLOWSHIP and JOY!

Just to name a few of the highlights of a traditional Norwegian Easter celebration!

Norwegians are SERIOUSLY into Påske, and påske traditions.

We will explore as much as possible together during the MAL.

I hope you will be inspired to join in with the Knitography Farm Community of traditional makers and the fun I have organized this year.

We will gather together during the MAL via scheduled Zoom Check-ins, AND most of the daily "nøtter", activities, connections, and FUN will be shared on the NEW Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom app platform--- to make each day, even HOPPIER this Påske season.

This year will be a ticketed event --- to support and to offset the cost of organizing the event, the collaborations, to cover the designer fees, and the many offerings and prizes that I have planned.

Registration - sign ups with be OPEN soon! Watch this space!

To participate you must purchase an event ticket.

The tickets are $20 US dollars.

Updated 23.03 - Ticket price adjustment after finalizing one additional offering within the MAL.

You will then receive a time sensitive invitation to download the Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom platform app.

You will create a log in profile, which must include your first name and last initial, visible (for online safety). Then you will log in to receive your Påske MAL permissions.

You will have time to acclimate yourself within the Påske Palooza area and using the app.

Keeping in mind that you will only have access to the Påske Palooza and the open community area during the time of the MAL.

If you are new to the story of my little farm and my traditional offerings, this is a wonderful way to experience my work here on the farm and to engage in fellowship with our traditional community of makers.

Velkommen! Det er bare å glede seg!!!!!

If you have addtional wonders, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible to offer support.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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When will we be able to buy a ticket?


Mar 22, 2023

Sounds like fun, thanks for organizing this ! Will the shared "surprises" be available to see on the Boards during the event for those days we can't join the check- ins? Looking forward to it!

Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

Hei Sophie....I can't recreate the live check ins. One must attend those. But there will be lots of activities to enjoy throughout the event.


Thank you Patricia, this sounds fun!


Looking forward to it! 🐣🇳🇴

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