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Knitography Farm's Påske Palooza - 2023 - Registration is Open!

Greetings from the farm,


Registration is now open for my 2023 - Påske Palooza - Traditional Norwegian MAL event!

You can read the shared information around this event HERE -- with interest.

Much of what we share together with follow the Norwegian Påske (Easter) tradition

and be a mystery.

However, for our main, mysteriously, beautiful MAL project --- which we will knit together in fellowship --- you can begin to look into your stash for that one, beautiful, soft, lush hank of wool - you have been savouring, to use.

You can dig out a bit of mohair or silk mohair too --- for an additional touch of richness.

The gauge for this mysterious, piece is 22 sts = 10 cm --- although there is some wiggle room with the gauge of this project.

You will need approximately 250 to 300 meters of wool.

The recommended needle size is 4.0 mm - or the needle size you will need to get gauge, based on your own personal tension.

You can use a slightly thinner gauged wool, if adding in a bit of mohair.

Again, think soft and cozy, as this project is meant to be luxurious for spring.

It will be a mysteriously, joyful and relaxing knit -- which is the aim of påske in Norway!

The specific, håndverk, focus of this Påske MAL will also follow the modern making traditions of a Norwegian påske.

But we will also step back in time, having a closer look at the old, village farms within my region of Selbu - to explore the historic påske customs, in preparation for the arrival of spring.

I have also organised several, very luxurious, "Palooza Påskeegg" surprise kits.

Aimed to treat and to support our lucky winners, in creating many of the activites which I will facilitate and share during the MAL.

With interest, you can purchase, and I will put together a colourful, Palooza Påskeegg surprise for you, too!

I will share more about these special Norsk påskeegg parcels soon!

If you are interested in joining into the Knitography Farm's Community of Traditional Makers for this, mysteriously, egg-citing Easter MAL - you can register your participation HERE

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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