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Knitography Farm - Spring/Summer Traditional Course!

Hello everyone!

I would like to share some information regarding my Traditional Norwegian course

offering for the spring and summer months.

I will be facilitating the knitting of the Traditional Norwegian Selbugenser - which is the traditional jumper from my region of Norway.

genser = jumper or sweater

It is sometimes affectionately known as the julegenser or Christmas jumper...although, Norwegians would wear this genser year-round.

There are a few stipulations to my offering this course:

First, the pattern and the wool comes together within a kit, which must be purchased through my farm shop. Within the kit, you will receive a pattern pamphlet (which also includes other knitwear designs from Rauma) and the Rauma Finullgarn - 100% Norwegian wool.

In Norway, it is not possible to purchase a pattern pamphlet, without purchasing the wool.

This is a tradition here within our yarn shops.

To have the possiblity to offer and to instruct this course, I must offer the yarn kit.

This means that the pattern cannot be purchased seperately.

I will launch the Selbugenser Yarn Kits within my farm shop very soon and I am hoping to

offer a nice discount when the yarn kit is launched.

This will allow time to pack and to ship parcels, so that they arrive in good time

ahead of the course start date.

I do not have clarification around the children's jumper yet.

I have located the pattern within the archives, but I am unsure how the yarn kits

will be set up.

I have created a planning guide download, for those of you that might be interested in joining.

This planning guide includes the information needed to prepare and to plan for the course.

Here is the planning guide download for your conveneience.

Selbugenser Planning Guide
Download PDF • 131KB

There are many new and exciting traditional techniques to learn within this jumper.

So, I do hope there will be interest in joining this traditional knitting journey during the

late spring and summer months.

Do not hesitate to leave your questions or wonders within the comments below,

after reviewing the planning guide.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Hello Patricia, I am thinking about ordering my yarn for the genser course, and I might like a colour that is not currently listed in your Farm Shop. Is it possible to order any colour, and if so how do I place an order? I know you are taking a holiday soon, so there is no hurry to answer. I just don’t know how you do everything you do! Pelly


Mar 22, 2021

Hi Patricia, I am interested in this class. Would this be a good one to take after the Stranded knitting course? Also is there a deadline to register?

Thank you.



Karen Berg
Karen Berg
Mar 22, 2021

I am excited! I just ordered my wool & pattern package 🇳🇴🧶 !!

Looking forward to my next class, on this amazing Norwegian knitting journey, with Patricia!! Feeling grateful❣️🙏


Mechele MacDonald
Mechele MacDonald
Mar 21, 2021

I love this sweater design — excited to learn all that I can. 😊🌷


I am interested in this course and am wondering if it would be possible to order seven skeins of Off White (401) instead of White (400) in addition to seven skeins of another color? For example, seven skeins of Off White and seven skeins of Charcoal. Thank you.

Replying to

Thank you!

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