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Knitography Farm Welcomes Annemor Sundbø - Guest Speaker

Hello everyone,

I am simply honoured and thrilled to Welcome Annemor Sundbø to our

Traditional Norwegian Knitting - Zoom Live Check in Global Community.

She will join us on Sunday evening, February 28th at 8:00 pm.


Annemor will share her rich knowledge and experience with us.

You can read more about her work and her contribution to the traditional, historic

textile and fibre arts here in Norway, below.

Tickets are $5 US dollars.

All ticketed fees will go directly to Annemor for her time sharing with us.

Registration will open on Wednesday, February 24th.

All Knitography Farm site members and guests are welcome to join us!

Registration is binding.

All addtional information will be provided during OPEN REGISTRATION

on Wednesday.

Please leave any additional questions, wonders or comments below.

Be welcome, to this most exceptional opportunity to hear Annemor share her offerings

with us in person.

Annemor Sundbø is a textile designer and teacher. She owns and operates a knitting workshop, “Ose Ullvare” in Setesdal, about 110 km from Kristiansand, Norway. From 1993 to 2006, Annemor ran the last remaining shoddy factory in Norway, Torridal Tweed og Ulldynefabrikk. This unexpected project came about after she approached the mill for training. The mill owner agreed to train her on one condition, she had to buy the factory. The storage bins were a treasure trove of knitting patterns and cultural history, through which Annemor unravelled the fascinating history of traditional knitting in the region. Annemor lectures internationally and teaches spinning, folk art embroidery, and knitting design and has published many books on topics related to Norwegian knitting.

Annemor Sundbø (b. 1949) of Kristiansand, is a Norwegian national grant holder, and the recipient of the Kings Medal of Honor, the Norwegian Handcraft Association’s Medal of Honor in 2004 (for preservation and continuance of cultural values, both domestically and internationally), Aust-Agder County’s Cultural Prize in 1999, Bygland Community’s Cultural Prize in 2004, Sørlandet’s Literature Prize in 2006, and Vest-Agder County’s Cultural Prize in 2015. She ran Torridal Tweed and Wool-Duvet Factory from 1983 to 2006, when the machines were moved to the textile museum at Sjølingstad Woolen Factory, and started Ose Woolens in Setesdal in 1993.

Books published: Kvardagsstrikk 1994, Lusekofta fra Setesdal 1998, Usynlege trådar i strikkekunsten 2005, Norske votter og vanter 2010, Strikking i billedkunsten 2010, Spelsau og Samspill 2015.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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