Knitography Farm Welcomes Annemor Sundbø - Guest Speaker

Hello everyone,

I am simply honoured and thrilled to Welcome Annemor Sundbø to our

Traditional Norwegian Knitting - Zoom Live Check in Global Community.

She will join us on Sunday evening, February 28th at 8:00 pm.


Annemor will share her rich knowledge and experience with us.

You can read more about her work and her contribution to the traditional, historic

textile and fibre arts here in Norway, below.

Tickets are $5 US dollars.

All ticketed fees will go directly to Annemor for her time sharing with us.

Registration will open on Wednesday, February 24th.

All Knitography Farm site members and guests are welcome to join us!

Registration is binding.

All addtional information will be provided during OPEN REGISTRATION

on Wednesday.

Please leave any additional questions, wonders or comments below.