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Little Farm Apothecary - Forest and Field Healing Balsam

Hello everyone!

It is a busy week here on the farm, as I work to replenish my little farm apothecary, which is completely wildcrafted, by hand, from local fields and the forest, here on the mountain, where I live.

Pictured is my best selling, herbal healing balsam (salve).

It is much like an over-the-counter, triple antibiotic ointment - except that it is completely natural, plant medicine.

This salve which takes approximately three months to create, is a powerful blend of medicinal herbs, natural butters and oils, and plant extracts that work together to speed up recovery time for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, bug bites and damaged skin, while also easing pain, inflammation and scarring.

It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-fungal and styptic.

It also provides calming, mood boosting, stress relief.

This balsam is a part of my little farm, first aid remedy collection, which includes teas, powders, and other balms for soothing relief of headche, bumps and bruises, muscle and joint pain, anxiety and offerings to support sleep.

It also contains the healing properties of raw bee‘s wax from my own forest bee hives.

I also create specific remedies for wholistc, individual use, as well.

Just contact me directly, via email.

These unique blends offer the body a range of powerful medicinal properties that have been tested, tried and true for thousands of years of human history.

I focus on a slow, medicinal extraction, so a little goes a long way.

Usually, I sell my wildcrafted, farm remedies locally at festivals, retreats and through my community herbalism outreach connections.

But this year, I am expanding to offer a limited supply within my little farm shop.

If you would like to purchase the complete little farm remedy kit, which will be ready in late autumn, please email me directly to get on my kit list.

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x


I am a traditionalist and believe in self-reliant, herbal, holistic, plant based, medicine.

I enjoy helping people improve their wellness and overall health through the use of herbs, lifestyle adjustments, emotional support and nutrition, based on my own journey to wellness.

I am not a doctor an