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Trønder Flammebånd from the late 1800s - turn of the Century + Sommer/Sensommer Offering Update!

Greetings from the farm,

This summer season I will be offering the possibility of several mini-course demonstrations that connect historic making to purposeful modern day applications - a specific line of study during my recent Mastergrad and certification.

I begin with - Flammebånd

Flammebånd are tied historically to traditional knitted socks, but were considered the first type of "elastic" made from wool.

They were tied just under the knee, which helped to keep socks up, but had other "elastic" applications and purposes on old village farms in Trøndelag.

Today flammebånd are specifically a decorative, traditional bånd connected to the Trønderbunad (local folk costume).

The weaving (plukking) technique is called "flamming" - a very specific and unique folk art that is protected and regulated by the local Husfliden.

Indeed, the weaving is so specialized that a pair of flammebånd can cost from 150 to 200 US dollars per pair.

Pictured are the specific, historic woollen colours from my region Trøndelag - rich, traditional colours which reflect rosemaling or rose painting, as well as colours within the folk costume.

You'll be surprised to discover that you need only a comb and very little equipment to "plukk" this beautiful bånd!

Yes! A woman's wooden hair comb was the heddle!

It might also be interesting to note that the throwing of a garter at a modern day wedding, began with "flammebånd" - :)

Anyone can have a go at creating a pair of flammebånd....novices to experienced weavers.

With some foundation and practice, even curious, non-weavers can enjoy this engaging, hands-on weaving technique.

Flammebånd are a wonderful, long term project to have on the side and "on the go" in between your knitting, weaving, or other making.

It is completely portable!

With practice, it will become a mindful, relaxing type of weaving, with very satisfying results and endless useful applications.

It would bring me such joy to share my love of this beautiful weaving technique from my region of Norway with you.

You will also have the possiblity to purchase the tradtional Trønder flammebånd kit, certified by Husfliden - which includes the traditional 100% Norwegian wool + written instructions from the National archive.

The mini-course demonstrations will be recorded and I will offer a few check in sessions for further historic storytelling, reflections, clarification and/or support, if needed.

In the coming months...

I will present mini-course demonstrations from hats to shoes (head to toe) - directly connecting the history and practical, modern day use of tradtional Norwegian bånd with sewing (hand or machine).

For example: a solhatt bånd (sun hat), a simple traditional working farm kjole (dress), skjørt (skirt), forkle (apron), a traditional kjoleveske (pocket), an aboriginal syposer (hussif), a nålehus (a Nordic chatelaine) and skosnorer (laces for hiking).

Add in your traditional woollen garments (mittens, socks, genser, kofter, lue) and you are all set!

If you are interested in joining in and the possiblitiy of my offering these historic mini course, demonstrations please fill out the interest inventory HERE


Enjoy this day!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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