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Traditional Kofte Winter Courses - Planning Guides, Discount Code, Open Bandweaving Course + Update!

Greetings from the farm!

After many requests, my Bandweaving Course - registration is OPEN once again.

If you or someone you know, is or has been, interested in joining my beginner Bandweaving Course Module 1 - You can register your participation HERE

Once you are registered, I will support you to begin and to acclimate yourself into the course content and our bandweaving community.


Winter Traditional Garment Courses

In preparation for the upcoming Winter Kofte Courses, which begin in mid to late January, I have created planning guides for your convenience.

I have also secured a 20% discount for the Rauma Finullgarn needed for each Traditional garment selected for the courses. Coupon code: wintercoursewool

Please note: Allowing for personal options with regard to course yarn kits and/or using stash wool, my course fees will increase slightly this winter to keep my course offerings sustainable.

Lifting the usual yarn kit purchase requirement, which is the common practice here in Norway.

However, I do rely heavily on registration fees, the wool purchased within my farm shop and sponsorships to offer these month long, extended courses with unlimited support to keep my farm wheel going.

So, I appreciate very much your support of my work here on the farm and my farm shop.

It is my hope that you find exceptional value, support and enrichment from my offerings in return for your patronage.

Tusen hjertelig takk!

Planning Guides

Advanced Winter Kofte Course:

Choice #1

Oddvarskofte Planning Guide
Download PDF • 184KB

Choice #2

Nordfjord jakke Planning Guide
Download PDF • 237KB

Choice #3 was the Dale Kofte pictured above. I am still undecided about offering this third option. Please do leave a comment below if you have any contributing thoughts.

The other choices all received very low vote percentages and are not worth mentioning.

Kofte Course 3+

This is a beginner and intermediate course offering.

Within this course we will combine historic techniques and modern design!

Choice #1

Agnes Kofte - this is an individual course pattern. The pattern will be offered at a discount, sponsoured by the designer Wiola for all participants.

Within the planning guide, I have substituted the original waste/stash yarn colours used by the designer, with the complementary Rauma Finullgarn colours.

With this kofte, what is important is to think about the main colour you would like to knit.

Then put together an analogus colour palette of complementary colours.

This is how this kofte was designed and is a signature of Wiola designs.

Agnes Kofte Planning Guide
Download PDF • 181KB

If you are interested in knitting the Rundt i Dalen kofte... (an intermediate level kofte)

You can purchase the discounted course book HERE

Books purchased before Sunday, November 21st will be signed by the designer.

See previous posts for the fun "prize" signature excitement for 3 lucky winners.

Please note! Due to the discount negotiations for the book and the shipping, this book must be purchased on its own and cannot be purchased in combination with any other items within my farm shop.

Rundt i Dalen Kofte

Choice #2

Planning guide coming soon!

I will also offer support and guidance for addtional pieces within the book...specifically the following:

Selma Genser

Planning Guide will only be found within the purchased book.

For those of you participating within my bandweaving course, you will have the possibility to weave your own Traditional Norwegian belt for this genser, with interest. The woven belt will replace of the leather belt pictured.

Rakel Genser

Planning Guide will only be found within the book.

Finally...a holiday traditional knitting reminder!

For those of you that took and finished my Traditional Norwegian Genser Summer Course, I will be hosting a holiday KAL for the Marius genser...

This was the prize pattern for finishing your genser.

All of the details can be found within your celebratory email.

I will be asking you to register your interest and participation for the KAL in December, so that I might send you a KAL, knit together, holiday Zoom invitation - to gather together in fellowship.

Those of you that are still finishing your Selbugenser are also welcome to join us for inspiration and finishing!

Hurra for vinter!


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Hi Patricia - I apologize if I have missed this from a zoom, but I was wondering if it had been decided if the Dale Kofte will be an option? I am interested in knitting it if it is an option, but if not, it’s no problem, I can proceed with ordering my yarn for one of the many other gorgeous selections. Thank you!


I would like the Dale as an option, too, since it may be more masculine than the other choices and I'd like to make this one for my husband.


Nov 17, 2021

I would like the Dale as an option, I may have missed the answer to this question - is that a pattern in the book, meaning we need to buy the book? Thanks

Nov 17, 2021
Replying to

Dale is not in the book. That is only offered in the Advanced Course. Rundt i Dalen is only found in the book. That is the Kofte Course 3+ Course.


I am going to order my yarn for the Oddvars kofte. Patricia will you be offering specific buttons for this kofte?


I’ll be doing the Agnes Kofte. Looking forward to the color lesson so I can play with various color schemes. Or did I miss that lesson?

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