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Updates from the Farm! Hildur, Klara, Ingrid + Russesokker Wool Discount!

Greetings from the farm!

Lots of wonderful happenings within my Traditional Course offerings this week, here on the farm!

Here are just a few of the updates for you...

On Sunday, June 26th at 21:00 - 9 PM - CET summertime - World Clock - Oslo, Norway - for those of you that have purchased the Hildur Cardigan - yarn kit, we will have a Wiola - Bonus Event.

If you purchased the Wiola Strikk og bruk book and have not purchased a yarn kit, but would like access to the pattern insert - contact me directly.

The Klara genser pattern insert is now available and will be distributed to those of you that purchased the this modification as a pre-order.

If you are interested in the Klara kofte as a genser, contact me directly.

For those of you that recieved the restortation of the 150 year old Telemark design - the

Ingrid genser pattern as your "Wait! I'm not finished yet!" Course celebration prize - the original wool yarn kits + the matching mug are now available for pre-order within my farm shop. I have the wonderful opportunity to offer you free shipping for the mug, when ordering the wool + mug kit.

Ingrid mugs can also be purchased seperately.

The original Ingrid mugs are large tea mugs - 4 dl - 4 deciliters!

You will find the planning guide within your pattern and the listing within my farm shop HERE!

Russesokker Wool Discount! - 3 tråd Strikkegarn

For those of you participating in the "Choose your own path!" Course - knitting the Russesokker - the traditional 3 tråd Strikkegarn colours are now available with a 20% discount!

You will need 100 grams of main/background colour + 100 grams of the contrast colour for one pair of Women's or one pair of Men's Russesokker, for a total of 200 grams per pair.


The direct link to the 3 tråd Strikkegarn is HERE

If you have wonders or if you need clarification, please do contact me directly via


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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How appropriate to release Ingrid for the Future Queen Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday celebration this weekend!


Patricia - I love your login and coupon codes!!! Mary.

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