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Updates from the Farm! Offerings + Courses - Last week of registration!

Hello everyone!

After so much rain and flooding here on the farm, we are finally enjoying the beauty of autumn and preparing for winter.

Autumn is usually a time of much excitement for us, as our wool arrives from the mill and we head out to festivals and markets to tell our story - to promote our beautiful, rare heritage breed of sheep and their wool, my traditional handmade reproduction designs and teach traditional Norwegian technique courses.

Once again festivals and markets locally are closed and we continue to adapt and to change with the times.

The good news is, our wool has arrived from the mill and my traditional courses are beginning with much excitement!

This year I am teaching a Traditional Norwegian Band Weaving Course from my region of Norway, "plukkebånd" - I am so inspired by the engagement and progress of the participants!

We have already created some beautiful, traditional beginner bands.

Well done everyone - simply outstanding!

I am so appreciative to the Rauma mill for sponsoring our course.

Do take advantage of the wool discount which I have shared with you.

Traditional Norwegian Kofte Course 2 (traditional cardigan)

This is the last week to register to participate in the (beginning/intermediate) Norwegian Kofte Course. I will be demonstrating using two traditional cardigans (kofter):

*Please note - to participate in the upcoming Advanced Winter Kofte Course, you must have completed a basic course.

I will be sharing the first part of the pattern next weekend and an introduction to the course - September 25/26th. We begin with a review of gauge and taking good measurements for the perfect fit.


Helle Siggerud Books - Spring Course!

Additionally, in collaboration with Norwegian designer Helle Siggerud and her publisher, I am offering her books (which are only in Norwegian) for a possible late spring course. This will be a very exciting "choose your own adventure" course. I have negotiated with the publisher to offer both books as a "package" for $84 US dollars, which includes shipping.

Do note however, that each book must be shipped within its own envelope, as shipping in Norway is by weight. This is the cheapest and only solution for this offering.

This package price is more than a 50% savings from the current book shelf price here in Norway. If you are interested in the possibility of this course and these beautiful books, please do contact me directly.

Strikk til alle tider

Strikk til alle anledninger

These books were a part of a book sharing during my Traditional Norwegian genser course.

Farm Yarn

As I shared, my farm yarn has arrived from the mill with much excitement!

This is an exclusive, small batch, of rare, heritage wool, based on the Gammel Selbu milling style (old Selbu milling style).

I am looking forward to getting it labeled and ready to share within my farm shop.

This batch of wool and my fleeces have received excellent feedback and grade.

Coming soon!

Upcoming Offerings!

I am currently working on the writing and planning of several courses to look forward to!

Advanced Winter Kofte Course - we will soon vote on our four kofter choices

Selbuvantar Course

Summer Genser Course

The spring course is tentative

Knitography Farm Celebration!

On Wednesday, September 22nd, I have invited all traditional course participants to celebrate and to mark one year of our virtual classroom. We will celebrate our accomplishments and our journey together! This celebration will include the story behind my wool and our grand prize drawing for the year! We have some beautiful sponsored prizes.

If you have the possibility, make sure you RSVP and register to attend.

If you have additional questions, wonders or feedback - please do leave those within the comments below or contact me directly.

Wishing you warmest regards and a beautiful autumn from the farm!

Patricia x

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Hi Patricia, when will the advanced winter kofte course start? Is there a date already?

All the best :)


Nov 08, 2021
Replying to

Hello Frida - The advanced course will start after the new year in January. No specific date yet....but I will announce it sometime soon.

Thank you for checking in!


Linda Chism
Linda Chism
Nov 01, 2021

I am interested in the Winter Kofta course. Is there a place to see what the kofta’s are ?

I see the location to vote, but have no idea what I am voting on.!

Nov 01, 2021
Replying to

Yes, please take the list of name choices within the poll and do some inquiry on Google, Ravelry and Instagram. It’s best for everyone to have a look at a variety of color combos and finished pieces before they vote.


Sep 26, 2021

What a wonderful celebration it was on Wednesday!! I loved hearing how you were able, with so much determination, to prepare your courses to go online. You have enriched many of our lives with your wonderful teaching and cultural sharings. Your generosity with so many prizes was amazing!! Thank you for sharing so many of your gifts.


Sep 21, 2021

Hi Patricia,

So many exciting courses coming in… I am interested in all of them! Thank you so much for all the work you do bringing your knowledge and expertise to people around the world. Looking forward to continue being part of your virtual classroom.

Congratulations on receiving your yarn from the mill!


Sep 20, 2021

Hi Patricia,

I can't seem to find the RSVP button, may I let you know here that I would love to attend?

Thanks, Merilyn

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