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Updates from the Farm! Trad. Courses + Use leftover wool to knit and strengthen sokker historically!

Greetings from the farm og God helg!

Photograph above: My little flock basking in the autumn sunset at the edge of the forest in the open field.

It is going to be an exciting season of traditional making here on the farm!

In addition to the traditional garment (kofte) course, the mitten exploration course and the introductory bonus activities we are working on to settle us in and to make a purposeful start...

I will also be offering the opportunity this season to learn how to knit and to strenghthen warm, winter socks, naturally - from an old village farm, historic perspective.

Using all of our left over wool from previous traditional course projects, we will create several pairs of colourful, everyday matching sokker.

I have several exciting "everyday" design possiblities to share with you!

As the long, dark days of autumn and winter arrived, evenings on the farm were spent knitting sokker by candle or lamp light.

Although sock knitting was rhythmic and relaxing after the long, arduous, day of farm chores - it was also a necessity!

And, as the saying goes in Norway - kofter + votter + sokker = sant and one must keep the hands busy, also in the evenings, to prepare for the long winter ahead.

For those of you participating in my upcoming kofte course offering - gather together all of the "rester" or leftover Rauma Finullgarn or Gammelserie garn from your previous traditional garments! Together we will create practical, cozy, warm, everyday sokker this winter!

This is the last week of OPEN registration for my course offerings.

Velkommen, with interest!

If you have any wonders, reflections, or if addtional support is needed - leave a comment below or contact me directly!


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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