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Weaving Wednesday!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Hello everyone!

For those of you that might be interested, I am thinking of beginning a Weaving Wednesday segment here on my litte farm website.

Maybe my weaving projects will spark your interest or curiosity, or maybe even reignite your own weaving journey?

As a beginning, I would like to share the type of loom that I am working on.

I would also like to hear from you!

Do you have a loom and if so, what type do you have?

Maybe you would like to share where you are with your weaving?

Or are interested in learning to weave?

My spinnng wheel and all of my textile equipment within my farm shop is from Ashford Handicrafts in New Zealand. I have a particular fondness for this company because this was the first place I lived for an extended amount of time when I left the United States.

I have several Ashford tools within my studio.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the their products and the price point -

which makes them accessable and affordable for me.

I am also very grateful that there is a supplier, allowing access here in Norway.

The loom that I am working on a 60 cm (24 inch) Rigid Heddle Loom which you can read about from the link.

The Samplet loom and the Knitters looms also follow a similar weaving process.

This is mostly about the size of loom you would like to work on.

I have already finished a lovely, woollen, handspun scarf for my son, which I have now washed, conditioned and blocked.

I stitched a small, woven heart on it, as a sort of secret message of love, comfort and encouragment for him, far away from home.

He really likes it and he looks so good in these natural grays.

Afterwards, I warped up some naturally dyed linen. (pictured above)

I will be making some basic kitchen towels.

I warped the loom to achieve this chequered look.

Let me know your thoughts!

My intention would be to start at the beginning of the process and work through a piece on Wednesdays, if there is interest.

Weaving is a slow and mindful process, which I simply love.

I am really enjoying incorporating it into the other aspects of my making here on the farm.

Warmest regards from the farm!

Patricia x

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re Sue Williams Yes, to share ideas esp with Patricia cuz you know there are more ways than one to skin the cat! I know terrible image but you get the idea :)


Sue Williams
Sue Williams
Jan 03, 2021

To woofmckee... I do enjoy the meditative, losing track of time quality of weaving. Won’t it be nice to share our experiences though thanks to Patricia?


re Sue Williams comment..........solitary endeavor. I always feel like I am weaving in a vacum! Even after 25 years!


Great idea! I would love to relearn how to warp my rigid heddle loom and weave along with your group.


Sue Williams
Sue Williams
Jan 03, 2021

I have been weaving for 25 years now and would welcome the community feeling of Weaving Wednesday as I find weaving a rather solitary craft on the whole (which can be the beauty of it really) I work at a 45” Glimakra loom and a 22” Macomber. I also treated myself to an Inkle loom last February. I would love to join your weaving circle Patricia. Thank you for creating this space.

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