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Knitography Farm's Holiday KAL! How to participate this year!

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Greetings from the farm!

As the season of advent begins here in Norway on Sunday, within this sharing, I would like to explain my upcoming holiday KAL and present a wider offering for those who have taken contact wishing or hoping to attend.

A bit of background toward my decision!

This year's holiday KAL was originally centered and planned as a celebration of my summer Traditional genser course participants. Specifically for those that completed the course.

I wanted to offer a special KAL during the holidays to come together to knit the finishing prize pattern - Norway's most traditional genser of all, the Marius genser.

I wanted to keep this holiday KAL a special event only for the knitting of this specific genser - giving and offering my facilitation of the pattern, techniques and my support freely.

This would allow participants to continue developing the skills acquired within the course, knitting an additional traditional genser, which moves from a basic, beginner design to an intermediate design - fully supported!

Then, participants within the course still working to finish their beginner genser from the summer, reached out to ask if they could participate for inspiration and support to finish the beginner course piece.

Our aim is to complete the course and the genser, after all - confidently.

So expanding the course KAL to offer inspiration and support seemed like a good thing to do and was important to me.

Now, many others have taken contact asking if they could to join for community and fellowship, which is also important to me.

It is difficult for me to find the balance in all of these important aims.

So, I have decided to approach the KAL as one would expect to experience or to participate within any holiday event here in Norway.

All are welcome, but to participate, one must contribute with an entry fee ticket.

This ticket will allow you to listen in to all of the technique and skill discussion, to experience and receive all of the KAL sharing that I have planned and knit any traditional piece you are working on - within any course.

The price of the ticket will be $5 US dollars per session. Keeping in mind, that the actual ticket price after the paypal fee will be approximately $4 US dollars.

*Those that have finished the course, knitting the Marius genser, will receive their ticket as my gift, as originally planned.

In addtion to the information gleaned from our time together, I will make this KAL as enriching as possible and worth the price of your ticket....sharing as I do, historical storytelling, cultural and local connections, traditional music, recipes, free patterns and local holiday hand craft demonstrations.

I will also take the time to offer the much requested Knitting Bag Book guidance within each session, to help you on your way into a successful new year.

If you have not read the aim of my work here on Knitography can do so HERE

Although, my aims are exactly the same, they need a slight update as I expand my offerings to a wider range of traditional Norwegian folk art and hand crafts - but maybe you get the idea?

Thank you for your support of my work here on the farm. It means so much to me and I could not achieve these aims without the tremendous support that I have received.

Thank you also for understanding however, that to do this work, I must also support it and maintain it in a way that is sustainable.

I hope this will be a good solution for everyone!

Welcome to a wonderful season of fellowship and making within our holiday KAL!

I will be posting our first registration session soon.

You will be able to purchase your ticket during registration.

Afterwhich, the link and password will be sent directly to you, approximately an hour before

we gather together.

I always welcome your thoughts or wonders within the comments below!

Gledelig advent! Velkommen!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Sheila Newman
Sheila Newman
Dec 05, 2021

Hi! I would like to participate for the fellowship and also support for making my first garment, the Frøkengård kofte. I will keep my eyes open for the sign-up.


Clare Hirst
Clare Hirst
Dec 04, 2021

Thank you Patricia. I look forward to joining in this special KAL and continuing to work in my Sankt Hans.


Nov 27, 2021

Hi Patricia. I accidentally deleted my marius gender pattern. Could uou send me the link to download and copy? Im planning on the KAL. Thank you.


I’m definitely in so I can finish my Selbugenser ! Thank you so much for offering this - a self/care gift to ourselves during this busy time ❤️


Krista Atkeson
Krista Atkeson
Nov 27, 2021

Thank you, Patricia. This Holiday KAL is a gift to us all. I am looking forward to knitting the Marius Genser for my son. It’s a pattern I’ve admired for years as a knitter, and I am very grateful that I will learn how to knit it in the traditional way. Krista

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