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Traditional Norwegian Knitting Courses - Agnes Kofte + Updates!

Greetings from the farm!

Several updates for the weekend and the start of a new season of traditional Norwegian knitting courses!

This is the last week to register for the beginner/entry level Kofte course.

Within this course, we are knitting the Agnes Kofte by Wiola (pictured above)

Please read this information carefully before registering. HERE

Also, please read the important information regarding the navigation of my farm website, how to acclimate yourself into the courses and my offerings. HERE

If you decide to join us for the course and you need the planning guide, please do email me directly after registration and I will send it to you.

You will find the yarn kit, in the original colours HERE

If you are a registered participant, tomorrow *Saturday, January 22nd, the pattern + course materials go on sale.

Once you purchase the pattern + course materials, it is important to download your pattern immediately and keep your order number handy throughout the course.

You will need this number for registration.

You will be receiving specific, detailed, information within your course materials about how to make a start with your gauge swatch in preparation for the course.

Intermediate Course!

Within the Kofte 3+ course, I am also offering an intermediate kofte that can only be found within the newly published Wiola - Strikk og bruk book.

This is the last week to purchase this book and join into this course offering and all of the upcoming bonus events.

You can purchase the book HERE

Please read this information carefully before registering. HERE

Throughout the upcoming introductory week....I will offer numerous check in sessions for course participants to support you in organizing and preparting yourself - ready to make a start within the course!

Notifications and registration for each course and check in will arrive via email, use the post heading as your guide.


Out of stock buttons are now back in stock.

If you plan to order buttons, woollen ribbon or woollen thread....please do so during this week.

My Advanced Kofte Course is only for eligible participants.

This is the last week to register for this course, with interest.

Please read this information carefully before registerting HERE

We will have a specific Advanced Kofte Course check in gathering during this week.

Registration for the above courses can be found HERE

If you have addtional wonders or queries, please do leave a comment below or contact me directly. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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Hi, Patricia…..I have paid for this class and ordered and downloaded the Agnes cardigan pattern, and I purchased the WIOLA book for the Runft i Daley from your farm shop in November. Do I need to go back in and reregister these order numbers somewhere? Thanks!


Jan 22, 2022
Replying to

Barbara if you plan on attending the check in tomorrow evening, you will use your pattern order number you received from my farm shop to register for that event.

You will use your Wiola book purchase order number from my farm shop when registering for those check in and bonus events.

The order numbers from my farm shop are the ticket numbers to register for the events. You will enter them when registering.

Please contact me directly if you need addtional support.

Also, please see today's participant BLOG post update and read that carefully.

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