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Traditional Kofte Course 3+ - Intermediate Kofte Planning Guide - Rundt i Dalen

Greetings once again from the farm!

Below please find the planning guide for the Rundt i Dalen kofte,

which is Choice #2 and the intermediate kofte option within Kofte Course 3+ this winter.

This pattern is only accessible via the newly published book from Wiola, Strikk og Bruk

which can be purchased for the course via my farm shop HERE

To ensure that you are fully updated with the book offering and course information,

please see the previous course information posts:


And Here

Rundt i Dalen Kofte Planning Guide
Download PDF • 204KB

Wonders, questions or ways in which I might support you further?

Leave those comments below!

Warmest regards from the farm,

Patricia x

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