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Updates from the Farm- Getting ready for summer and Traditional Course offerings!

Greetings from the farm,

What a beautiful start to this new week!

It feels like summer!

And....although I know this will never last here in Trøndelag, it is energizing and so inspiring!

The warmth of the sun and this colour of green within the forest - is simply everything!

Today I have several updates, a few changes, and an overview of the Traditional summer

course offerings.

First, by request, I have organized the old Selbu knapper (buttons) which were used on the oldest Fana kofte and a few other kofter within our "Choose Your Own Path..." Course.

These knapper will be listed within my farm shop ready for the weekend, and I have organized a nice discount sponsorship for our summer course. Do check back with interest.

The Marit knapper, which you can find within my farm shop now, are the modern restoration of these old Selbu knapper.

If you are wanting to create a modern look to your Fana kofte, the Marit knapper are the perfect reflection of that piece.

If you are wanting to create a more traditional, historic look, with hand woven ribbons, then the Selbu knapper will be the most reflective of that style of Fana kofte.

Whichever you choose will be beautiful!

With regard to other kofter being knit within the course...for example, Pam G - who is knitting another old, traditional kofte pattern the Nordfjord in K1 - pg 135, would also use these knapper. The Selbu buttons were one of the main button patterns at the turn of the century, when there were fewer to choose from.

Summer Course Offerings

As many of you know by now, I have restructured my summer course offerings.

Traditional Norwegian Garment Courses

I am offering the "Choose your own path...." beginner and intermediate kofte course - with an indepth focus on the Fana kofte.

Within this course, we will also explore Norwegian language knitting patterns in depth.

And, we will highlight the history and meaning behind each of the chosen pieces within the course.

Before we cast on and while we all settle into the course in anticipation of summer, we are learning to knit traditional Norwegian Russesokker, the history behind them and their connection to the Selbu mitten.

We have already gathered for two introductory sessions, to organize our materials, settle everyone into their kofter groups and to begin knitting our traditional socks.

The "Wait! I'm not finished!" courses will also be offered and contiune during the summer months.

I have extended the spring course until June 12th for those of you that are "so close" to a beautiful finish!

Participants will then reflect about continuing with this support during summer with a

Session 2 offering.

Traditional Norwegian Band Weaving Courses

Beginner/entry level

This summer I will be offering a 2.0 beginner/entry level weaving course - a repeat and expanded version of Module 1 - but not as an apprentice.

This time I will be certified, which allows me the freedom to reorganise and modify based on

my expanded knowledge, facilitation experience and best practice.

There are 3 specific updates around this offering thus far which are important.

  1. General Information and filling out the interest inverntory HERE

  2. Specific Information around course materials with a pdf download HERE

  3. A back strap offering from Telemark - deadline Friday, June 3rd - HERE

The information above will give you more clarity around this offering until the course begins.

Registration and the start up for the entry level band weaving course will be posted soon here on my farm BLOG.

Intermediate level Traditional Weaving

The intermediate level courses will be project based month by month during the summer.

I will share information around Autumn and Winter weaving at a later date.

Within this course, there will be a larger main monthly weaving project and then a smaller weaving project, which will transition us into the next month.

The summer projects are quite involved and will take time to weave. But they will allow the weaver the possibility to engage fully with the history and the weaving, creatively. This will give each weaver a sense of how the weaving would have been approached on the old farms in Norway, where the band artifacts were found and the history recorded.

Participants finishing Module 2, presenting their completed M2 portfolio in pdf format,

are eligible to participate and to continue their traditional weaving journey.

The M2 Portfolio should include all band photos, the completed weaving journal, including all required information for each band + personal reflections.

The M2 bands are:

Band 1a and 1b (transition to wool)

Band 2a

Band 2b

Band 3a

Band 3b

The Samisk bånd - including the history inquiry

Band 3c

Participants must also purchase the course materials - Traditional Norwegian Wool Weaving Kit , which is available for pre-order within my farm shop.

You can find that weaving kit HERE

Hopefully we will begin to transition to the finer wools in late July or early August.

This kit will take you a long way into your weaving journey.

There will be some exciting surprise offerings within each course!

As always, I have over planned, with lots of extras and I am looking forward to sharing as much as possible this summer.

More information to come within our check in gatherings!


Back Strap Belt From Telemark

If you are interested in purchasing the Back Strap Belt from Telemark to use for the back strap weaving approach, the deadline is Friday, June 3rd.

You can find the information around this offering HERE

If you have additional wonders, need clarification, wish to join into one of my course offerings or need support to settle into our community #knitographyvirtualclassroom -

Do not hesitate to contact me!

Warmest regards from the farm og God sommer!

Patricia x

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